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Floral art from Phl wins in HK Flower Show

25 March 2024


World Council Philippines' entry won the Grand Prize for Design Excellence

Among the entries from abroad that won a prize at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2024 that ended Sunday night was an entry from the World Flower Council Philippines Chapter that was handed the “Grand Award” for Design Excellence, in the Open Competition Section.

This was the same award that the group won last year, and was shared by another entry from the Philippines, the Blue Grass Project, which again took part this year, but failed to get the nod of judges.

There was no display from the Philippine Consulate this year, unlike last year when its “Pahiyas” booth was awarded a “Merit Award for Unique Feature.”


But the major awards at the yearly display of exotic floral arrangements and horticultural works at Victoria Park were handed out to the different District Offices of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) that competed in the Garden Plot and Environmental Award divisions.

Taking the top award for the Oriental Style Garden Plot Competition was Kwai Tsing District’s “Joy in Nature” while Yau Tsim Mong District’s “Birdsong” was the winner of the Environmental Award for an Oriental Style Garden.

Kwai Tsing won the top prize in Oriental Garden Plot Competition

Wan Chai District copped the two major awards: Its "Vitality from Recycle" was adjudged the best in the Western Style Garden Plot Competition, as well as the Environmental Award for its Western Style Garden.

All entries in the Garden Plot Competitions were meticulously designed by LCSD staff at the District Leisure Services Offices.

Kwai Tsing’s design was inspired by rural villages in the highland areas of Northern Thailand. Inside the plot was a Thai-style hut and garden planted with an array of dazzling flowers and trees.


Adhering to the principle of recycling, the design included a stairway built from felled trees and adorned with environmentally friendly materials.

Yau Tsim Mong’s entry also had a Thai garden but focused on bird conservation and the need to impart to visitors the joy of connecting with nature.

Wan Chai's Western Style garden was Best in Garden Plot and Environmental Design

Wan Chai’s back-to-back winner was a garden plot that integrated ideas for greening with gardening aesthetics. The footpaths in the plot were paved with wood pieces from felled trees, while a little bridge was built with logs. The pavilion was made of recycled materials while a small greenhouse was built using plastic bottles, and a small water pool with oyster shells.

As of press time, the winners of the online voting contest called “My Most Favourite Garden Plot” has yet to be announced. Voters were asked to choose their favourites from the garden plot entries of the 18 districts, for the chance to win free air tickets.


This year’s show dubbed “Floral Joy Around Town” with angelonia as the theme flower is organised by the LCSD, with the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust providing major support for the 12th consecutive year.

It is one of the events under Art March of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau.

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