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Police confirm arrest of man for assault in viral WorldWide video

09 April 2024


The video shows the alleged victim checking the extent of her injury with her phone

The police have confirmed the arrest of a Chinese man for suspected assault occasioning bodily harm after a video taken on Sunday, Apr 7, inside WorldWide Plaza in Central showing a bloodied Filipina went viral.

A police spokeswoman said the arrest was made after the 40-year-old Filipina filed a complaint over the alleged assault at about 10:52 am that day.

The Filipina, who is shown in the video with blood dripping down her face and the front of her blouse and skirt soaked in blood, was reportedly injured in the eye and was taken to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment.


She reported being punched in the face by the man after they had an argument.

The spokeswoman said there was no indication of what the two had argued about.

There also was no record of the man being charged after his arrest.

According to the one video uploader named Mary Anne, the man hit and punched the Filipina while they were still arguing.


Grabe ang pagkasuntok, tuklap kilay ni ate,” said Mary Anne. (The punch was so strong it peeled off sister's eyebrow).

She also zoomed in for a few seconds on a man wearing a black shirt who was the alleged assailant, who was shown nonchalantly checking his phone while a woman companion, also Chinese, stood beside him.

Security officers at the mall could be heard calling the police as they stood near the woman while holding the alleged assailant at bay. 

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