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HK Pinoy art in ‘Halo Halo’ exhibit

08 November 2016

Some of the works in  the ‘Halo Halo’ exhibit.

By William Elvin 

From September 23 to 25, The Hive Studios in Kennedy Town hosted an art exhibit that had no thematic thread other than what was promised in the title: a hodgepodge, or “halo-halo”, of different artistic styles, influences, and intentions.

The five artists who put together their own show through the help of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association – Hong Kong all came from different backgrounds. Supported by the confidence of two art veterans Aaron Pormarejo and Manuel “Boyet” Sabido, the works of new contemporary artists Pats Angco, Jason Siao, and JL Timbreza-Siao had fit in perfectly in the gallery’s mix.

Pormarejo’s artistic rendering of the city as a concrete jungle in his series “Hong Kong Apartment Series” is the most relevant in the gallery.

The urban life in Hong Kong, with all the stress and chaos that goes with it, is presented through frames of abstract paintings that clearly illustrate the artist’s point of view.

The works of Sabido and Angco can be viewed from the same lens. They both presented beautifully detailed drawn pictures of nature’s most exquisite creatures and creations.

The way they portray the subjects is the main element that differentiates their craft. While Sabido paints his wild animals and nature scenes with a tone and color palette that suggests serenity, Angco presents his images with sharper colors and edgier details that suggest a more hostile environment in his paintings’ realism.

Jason Siao displayed his fascinating talent in composing pictures inspired by the works of impressionist painters of the 19th Century.

Though still finding his own voice as an artist, Siao is already exhibiting his special visual and creative skills that will make any art enthusiast excited for more.

JL Timbreza-Siao provided the most entertaining corner of the gallery with her series entitled “Death by Dessert”. The colorful, pop-art inspired frames feature ants drowning in delicious looking pastries, ice cream, and chocolate. The images successfully illustrate a juxtaposition of pleasure and pain in a deceptively light-hearted manner.

For more information about the new art group, visit www.halohalo.visualspate. com, or like their Facebook page

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