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Filmcass holds concert to celebrate life

09 December 2016

Filmcass members renew their vow to pursue their advocacy: to help cancer patients fight the disease.
By Marites Palma

More than a hundred advocates of the Filipino Migrant Cancer Support Society (Filmcass) gathered on Chater Road on Nov. 13 for a celebration of life through a concert.

One of the biggest surprises of the event was Vice Consul Bobby Quintin, who volunteered to sing “People Need the Lord” a cappella for the crowd.

Quintin encouraged the members to continue doing the good works of their members who are already “in God’s  hands”. He promised them that the Philippine Consulate will always be the strongest supporter of the cancer-support organization.

Another performer was Pamela Bianca Landaga, who joined the group when her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She sang another inspirational song, “Stand Up for Love”.

In between the singing were testimonies of cancer patients like Necitas Lobrando, who left many in the audience in tears when she spoke about her battle with breast cancer, She recalled how he began suffering from severe back pain, not realizing that the cancer cells had already invaded her spinal cord. Though she is constantly in pain, she is grateful that her employer continues to support her in her battle against the deadly disease.

Lobrandado said she is fighting courageously for her child, who is about to finish her studies this school year.

“No matter what our situation is, just believe in God because He is the peddler of hope,” she said.

But it was not all tears for the brave patients. Donning colorful wigs and sexy costumes ala Madonna, a group of cancer survivors and patients danced to the delight of the crowd.

Pumping more energy into the concert was veteran singer and songwriter Penny Salcedo who sang the the Pinoy rock favorite, “Bonggahan”, before doing a soaring rendition of “How Do You Keep the Music Playing” with Wendie Sacedon.

The other performers who delighted the crowd were Jerelyn Lamparero and Wendy Sacedon who sang “The Prayer”,  and nine-year-old Joshua Salcedo who did Justin Bieber's “Love Yourself.”

The whole-day event was made livelier by dance numbers from different groups like The Love of Prison  Ministry, St Joseph the Workers, El Shaddai- Camarines, Batangas and Laguna Group, Solid for Christ, GSSI Tiger Bond HK, Sacred Heart Canossian Prayer Group, Mary Queen of Apostles Praesidium, Magnificial Praesidium, League of Filipino Midwives, Christ for All Ages, Simbayanang Kamppi, Filreflex, Tiger-HK, Guardian Brotherhood the Original, World Medical Service, Malou Pungtilan and Vizmin Band, Diocesan Pastoral Center for Filipino, Mary Queen of Love,  Laguna Achievers Workers Association, Radiant Organization of Amiable Drivers, CARD-MRI-OFW HK, St Teresa Filipino Grp, Star Pinoy HK, Chaplaincy for Filipino Migrants-Cathecheticla team.

Cabagis, NOPT and El Fodai Evangelisation extended help for the success of the celebration. The celebration was capped with lighted candles being offered for those who courageously fought for their lives until their last breath, with Sr Grace San Diego and Sr Felicitas Nisperos leading the prayers.

Social welfare attaché Elizabeth Dy who was among the guests, encouraged the public to approach her at the Philippine Consulate if they have problems regarding family members, friends of employers who may need pscycho-social intervention. She said people need to care about their own life, and fight for their right for a better health condition

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