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Man charged for public assault on Filipina over debt dispute

06 December 2016

Police have arrested and charged a 56-year-old South Asian man after he physically assaulted a Filipina domestic worker on a footbridge in Central last Sunday, Dec. 4, over a loan dispute.

Several Filipino domestic workers who were nearby managed to take video footage of the confrontation,
In the video, the man is seen shouting at the Filipina, then pulling her back as she tried to leave. Afterwards, he grabbed her by the neck, as if he would strangle her, but was stopped by the Filipinos congregating in the area.

The Filipina, 31, was subsequently taken to Queen Mary Hospital by police officers who responded to a 999 call. She was reportedly discharged after being declared in good condition.

A spokesperson for the Police Public Relations Bureau said her attacker was charged with debt collection and assault. He was released on bail but was ordered to report back to the police later this month.

According to some of the Filipinos who witnessed the incident which happened on the footbridge over Connaught Road, the assailant was incensed because the victim’s friends did not repay a loan for which she acted as a guarantor.

Two videos taken by one of the eyewitnesses are posted below:
Posted by Sophia Jerald Cuyos Jugan on Sunday, December 4, 2016

Posted by Sophia Jerald Cuyos Jugan on Sunday, December 4, 2016
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