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Unstoppable Fate again pounds local rivals

22 March 2017

Team members whoop it up after their victory.

By Emz Frial

All-Filipina team Fate won over local rivals Kith in the Hong Kong Softball Association’s ongoing league.
The game held on Feb. 19 at the Shek Kip Mei field, ended on a score of 21-2 in favor of Fate.
The locals kicked off the game.

A pitching error by Fate stalwart Don Gaborno gave first batter Fong Hau a free walk to second base, and second batter Suen Hin Wah to first.

Next batter Leung Yue Wai struck the ball to the outfield that brought her safely to first base and Suen to second base. However, Fong Hau was put out to third base by third baseman Ynez Badajos.

Li Tsz Yan then smashed an outfield ball and was safe at first base. A throwing error by Fate’s outfielder Romela Osabel to catcher Liezeal Algonez allowed both Suen and Leung to sail to home base unhampered.

Li was subsequently put out on third based after next batter Hui On Ying Michelle was caught on first base.

Fate then took their turn to bat.

First batter Badajos was caught by a pass ball from short stop Li to first baseman Hui. But a pitching error by Leung gave Myra Japitana a free walk to first base.

At her turn to bat, Gaborno blasted the ball to the center outfield, allowing her to move safely to first base while Japitana ran off to second base.

Ma. Eva Mendez made it safely to first base, while Gaborno ran to second base, and Japitana, to third.
A long shot of batter Algonez who came in next allowed both Japitana and Gaborno to go home safely. Mendez moved to second, and Algonez to first.

Another long shot allowed Mendez, Algonez and Cherry Octaviano to get home safely. That ended the first inning on a score of 5-2.

The second inning ended with only three batters allowing Fate to score seven homes. Rival Kith remained scoreless.

Those who scored for Fate were Badajos, Japitana, Gaborno, Mendez, Algonez, Octaviano and Romela Osabel. The inning ended at 12-2, in Fate’s favor.

In the third and fourth innings, Kith tried hard to score with its players doing their best to hit the balls of Fate’s start pitcher Gaborno to no avail. Fate’s tight defense prevented the rival’s batters to step on the bases.

Kith was stuck to a score of two.

When Fate took its turn to bat in the third inning, the locals decided to change pitchers, hoping to stop the rivals from scoring. But the Filipinas were unstoppable. They added seven more points, courtesy of Badajos, Japitana, Gaborno, Mendez, Algonez, Ma. Luz Mandia and Editha Hidalgo.

Their scoring streak continued until the fourth inning, with Badajos and Japitana adding two points, to end the game at 21-2.

Fate remains on top of the league, with four wins and no loss. On second place is Phoenix Ghost, third is Kith, fourth is Synnix-WB, and fifth is SCAA-WSC.

Fate’s next game will be on Mar 19.
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