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OFW hit by van in Taipo dies of injuries

01 December 2017

By The SUN
A picture of Betasolo shared on Facebook

A Filipina domestic worker from Bohol has died in hospital, four days after being hit by a goods van while crossing the road in Taipo, New Territories, according to police and Consulate officers.

Geraldine Lupian Betasolo, a 36-year-old mother, was certified dead at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin at 4:34 pm on Nov 29, a Police Public Relations Bureau spokesperson said.

She died just hours before her husband Ricardo and 16-year-old son Kyle, were due to arrive in Hong Kong in a last-minute dash to see her.

Geraldine reportedly suffered injuries so severe she was not given much chance to live.

Hearing about her accident, the municipal government of Inabanga, Bohol where she lived reportedly extended help so her husband and son could travel to Manila to apply for passports and buy plane tickets so they could fly to Hong Kong immediately.

Officers of the Consulate's assistance to nationals section told The SUN the father and son were fetched at the airport on Thursday night by Geraldine's employer. A sister of the victim also reportedly arrived from Norway on the same day.

ATN officer Junie Cayabyab confirmed reports of Geraldine's death and said they are assisting her family in preparing documents they need to file claims.

Among the claims they could file is through the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance System run by the Social Welfare Department, which extends financial help to victims of vehicular accidents in Hong Kong. Her family may also file for personal injuries claims against the van driver. and employees compensation for her death which happened while she was at work.

The PPRB spokesperson told The SUN that the van driver, surnamed Kan, was arrested after the accident at No. 4 On Chee Road, Taipo. He was released on police bail after being charged with “dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm”. The PPRB officer said the charge would be amended after their investigation is completed.

The busy street where the accident happened
The officer said the woman was crossing the street at 2:44pm on Nov 25 when the speeding van hit her.

Reports said the impact was so strong that the victim was hurled several meters away. Friends who worked in the vicinity took her unconscious to Prince of Wales where she remained unconscious until her death.

Betasolo had reportedly worked for her employer for six years.
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