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Jealous DH billed $3,400 for assault, but escapes jail

02 December 2017

By Vir B. Lumicao

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A fit of rage has proved costly for a Filipina domestic helper, who was ordered on Dec 1 by a Kowloon City magistrate to compensate a man and a woman for the damage to property and physical injuries she caused them.

But Remalyn Aguinaldo, 32, a single mother, escaped immediate imprisonment after she was meted a three months’ jail sentence, suspended for two years, for the offences.

Aguinaldo had pleaded guilty to a charge of damage to property and two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm for forcing her way into the room of her former boyfriend and attacking him and another woman.

The prosecution said the incident happened after midnight of Sept 6 when the man, a South Asian named Abdel Mohid, came home drunk and was helped back to his room by the female victim, Suliani, and another woman who lived next door.

Aguinaldo arrived fuming and shouting at the man. When Mohid locked up, the Filipina rapped violently on the door but the man ignored her.

The defendant then kicked the door a few times until its lower panel broke, allowing her to crawl through the gaping hole.

Once inside, Aguinaldo slapped Mohid and clawed his chest. She then turned to Suliani, hitting her in the head with a shoe extender. When the woman fell to the floor, the defendant kicked her in the head and body.

Aguinaldo was still attacking Suliani when police called by the third woman arrived and arrested her, the prosecution said.

The report said Mohid suffered injuries on his face and chest while Suliani was injured on her head, chest and hands.

In mitigation, the defense lawyer said the Filipina had a clear record and pleaded guilty at the first instance. She also offered to compensate the man $2,000 for the damaged door and $200 each for the two victims.

She came to Hong Kong a year and a half ago to work as a domestic helper to support her 16-year-old daughter back home.

Aguinaldo’s employer showed support for her by writing a letter to the court about her being a good worker and that the violent attacks were out of character.

Magistrate Veronica Heung told the defendant that attacking the two witnesses, causing them injuries, was a serious offense that called for a custodial sentence.

But taking note of her employer’s endorsement, the magistrate decided to impose a suspended sentence. However, she ordered defendant to compensate Mohid $2,000 for the damaged property and pay him and Suliani $700 each for their injuries.

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