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Maid cries ‘foul’ after being charged $1,500 for panties that clogged pipe

13 March 2018

By Vir B. Lumicao

The proof: all her panties
could be accounted for
A Filipina domestic worker sought help on Mar. 11 after her employer deducted $1,500 from her salary allegedly because her panties had clogged the toilet sewage pipe.

The offended Filipina sent photos of her stack of panties to Labor Attaché Jalilo dela Torre, saying none of her underwear was missing.

But she said her employer was unconvinced that she was not the culprit, insisting the stuck panties were hers because she was the only one using that washroom. So, she paid the maid just $2,710 for March.

The worker complained that each time something was broken at home, her employer would blame it on her, and would quickly deduct the cost from her salary. In all, she reckoned she had been deducted $5,000 for damages she swore she had not done.

The employer had allegedly said their employment agency, Smart Employment, had told her she could deduct the damage from the helper’s salary.

The maid went to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office the following Sunday to seek help, and a volunteer accompanied her to Dela Torre. The worker also complained that her passport had been kept by her employer since she started working for her.

Dela Torre called up Smart Employment and reminded it that any salary deduction beyond $300 was illegal. The agency relayed the message to the employer and she agreed to return the money.

“It’s wrong because there is a law against excessive deductions,” the labor attaché said.

He said it was up to the worker to take up further action against the employer, but, as always, that has to be balanced with the continuation of her own job.

Dela Torre later said the employer had paid back, and had returned the helper’s passport.

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