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Teachers’ board topnotcher holds HK review

01 July 2018

A former topnotcher in the licensure examination for teachers conducted a whole-day review at the Bayanihan Centre in Kennedy Town on Jun 24 for about 200 examinees in Hong Kong for this year’s qualifying exam.
Michael Prince del Rosario

Michael Prince del Rosario topped the LET in 2016, and also placed no. 8 in the nursing board.
According to Gemma Lauraya, president of the National Organization of Professional Teachers Hong Kong, it was the second Sunday of review for the 2018 examination due to be held on Sept. 30.

Other board topnotchers are expected to come to Hong Kong to hold review classes for the examinees who signed up with NOPT. They include last year’s no. 1, who graduated from the University of the Philippines.

Around 500 graduates of elementary or high school education courses in the Philippines are expected to take the upcoming exam, mostly domestic workers in Hong Kong.

The examination is tough, with a pass rate of just around 30% nationwide. In Hong Kong where the OFW examinees are mostly unable to study for the test except on their Sunday off, the pass rate is significantly lower, hovering to just below 10% in recent years. – DCLM

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