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HK migrants protest Japan’s plan to deport Filipina

14 December 2018

Protesters called on the Japanese govt to stop Quindoy's deportation

Hong Kong migrant groups have protested outside Exchange Square in Central where the Japanese consulate general is located, to call for a stop to the deportation of a Filipina community leader from Japan.

Loida Quindoy’s fate is set to be decided on Friday, Dec 14, by a court in Tokyo.

The picket at the Japanese mission was in response to a request for support from Migrante Japan, which has launched a similar petition asking the Tokyo government to stop its plan to deport Quindoy.

Migrante Japan said Quindoy has contributed so much to society by helping compatriots and migrants of other nationalities through her work with KMC and the KAFIN Half-way House in Japan.

She has lived in Japan for over 22 years with her only son and his two daughters. She went there in 1996 by marrying a Japanese national, Serikawa Eichii. But she filed for divorce in 2000 allegedly due to verbal and emotional abuse from Serikawa.

Quindoy became a permanent resident in 2009. But on Oct. 11 her status was revoked and she was detained at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau allegedly because of violations committed by her former Filipino husband.

The demonstrators handed a petition letter to a Japanese consulate representative before dispersing.

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