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UPDATE: Lola Rose has been found!

11 June 2019

Lola Rose
"Kasama na po namin si Lola. Maraming maraming salamat po!

That message from one of "Lola" Rose Shantogon's grandchildren first broke the happy news earlier tonight that the 82-year-old Filipina tourist who had gone missing for a day, had finally been found.

Lola Rose was with 11 other relatives from the Philippines when she was inadvertently left behind inside an MTR train bound for Tsuen Wan at about 8pm on Jun 10.

A companion who was holding her hand was reportedly forced to let go after she was squeezed by the closing door as she and her companions got off at Yaumatei station.

Lola Rose who had only $50 with her when she got lost, was reunited with her family at the Tuen Mun police station where she was apparently taken by a concerned citizen.

One of her grandchildren, Mae-Ann, said her lola was "ok" but had apparently got hungry for a time because she tried to buy food from a vendor.

"Ayaw daw siya pagbentahan pero ok naman po siya. Inaantok lang daw."

MaeAnn extended her gratitude to staff at the Consulate's assistance to nationals section who coordinated the search with Hong Kong Police until she was reunited with her family at about 10pm tonight.

Just before this, Consul Paul Saret who heads ATN, sent this text message to The SUN: "The relatives are on their way to the police to see if the lost old woman at the station is the same lola that they've been looking for. The relatives will give us updates."

Earlier, Saret said the police had asked the Consulate to let the relatives contact them directly "for privacy reasons."

Her relatives spent practically the whole day checking out MTR stations and hospitals in search of their missing Lola, to no avail.

They also anxiously requested help to view the MTR’s CCTV footage to see where Lola Rose might have gotten off, after the police told them they could not allow this as the recordings were of a private nature.

Lola Rose was found just in the nick of time. In a few hours, her entire family will fly back to the Philippines as scheduled, with Lola's little (mis) adventure certain to stand out among the memories of their Hong Kong visit.

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