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Maid fined for taking cash, Octopus card from kid’s lost wallet

23 July 2019

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Mislang found the kid's wallet on a game machine
inside Jumpin Gym in Aberdeen
By Vir B. Lumicao

For taking $240 and an Octopus card from a child’s wallet she found in a games arcade, a Filipina helper was fined $1,500 on Tuesday, Jul 23.

Esther Mislang, 55, was also ordered by Magistrate Lam Tsz Kan to give back the $240 she took from the wallet of the 5-year-old owner.

Mislang, who has been employed by the same employer for over 10 years, pleaded guilty to a charge of theft “by finding” when she appeared in court.

The prosecution said the wallet owner, a Kindergarten 3 girl, went with her father to a Jumpin’ Gym arcade in Aberdeen Centre, Aberdeen, on Jun 1 to play on some machines.
After they had left the arcade around 8:30pm, the girl suddenly realized she forgot to pick up her Smiggle wallet that she placed on the seat of the arcade machine.

When the father and child returned to the arcade, the wallet was already gone.

The father asked the arcade manager to review the CCTV footage in the area of the machine and saw Mislang pick up the wallet, put it in her pocket and leave.
The case was reported to the police and on Jun 3, the defendant was arrested, but she denied taking the wallet. Mislang said she only inspected it then threw it in a rubbish bin.

But in mitigation, Mislang’s lawyer said the helper did find the wallet, but dumped it after taking the cash and Octopus card inside. The lawyer also said the maid had used the Octopus card and was willing to pay back the cash she had taken.

He pleaded for leniency, saying the defendant was remorseful.
Mislang reportedly arrived in Hong Kong in 1992 and has worked for her current employer for more than 10 years. Her employer supported her in her case.

Apart from imposing a $1,500 fine, the magistrate ordered the defendant to pay the wallet owner $240. 

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