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PCG aims to set new record in overseas vote

05 January 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

Overseas voting registration at the PCG started on Dec 16 and will last until Sept 30, 2021.
Voter registration for the 2022 presidential and local elections is underway at the Consulate, and staff running the list-up say they are aiming to overtake the 23,000 who registered for the 2019 Philippine midterm election.

Rene Fajardo, who was manning the OVR desk at the Consulate’s lobby on Jan 5, said his team would have to attract more registrants to set a new record for the total number of registered Filipino overseas voters in Hong Kong.

The current record stands at 93,978 voters, set ahead of the 2016 national and local elections. For last year’s mid-term vote, a total of 87,441 were registered as voters, but only 34,183 or about 40% cast their votes to choose 12 senators and a party-list representative.
Fajardo said the Commission on Elections deactivated 16,000 registered voters in Hong Kong after the month-long election that ended on May 13 last year, so there should be more effort to encourage qualified voters to register.

There are about 220,000 Filipinos in Hong Kong, more than 90% of whom are migrant workers, who should all be qualified to vote.

Under Philippine law, all Filipino citizens who are not disqualified by law and at least 18 years old can register to vote in an election.
The overseas registration officially kicked off on Dec. 16 last year, and will end on Sept. 30, 2021.

According to a registration volunteer, this Sunday has been the busiest so far, with about 50 people already registered and about 10 more waiting before the 4pm closing of the Consulate.

As in previous registration exercises, the number is expected to peak in the last few months of the nearly two-year long exercise.
Those who want to register as an overseas voter in Hong Kong must go to the Consulate and bring a copy of their valid Philippine passport, or, if a dual citizenship holder, a copy of their oath of allegiance or proof of citizenship from the Bureau of Immigration.

For seafarers, they must present a copy of their seaman’s book.

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