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Pinay, employer drop wage in lieu claims to settle dispute

07 January 2020

The 2 settled their dispute at the Labour Tribunal in Yaumatei

A Filipina maid and her German employer agreed to settle their dispute over who was supposed to pay for a month’s salary in lieu of notice when they met at the Labour Tribunal on Monday, Jan 6.

As a result, Jannice Batuto, a domestic worker of Rainer Werner Angerer for just more than two weeks, left the Tribunal with $3,730, less than half her original claim of $8,250.

Aside from the salary in lieu, she had sought payment for arrears in wages, food allowance, air fare and traveling allowance.


Angerer agreed to pay all her claims except for the wage in lieu of notice, saying it was the maid who walked off her job. He also offered to pay just $1,100 for her return air ticket instead of the $2,400 she was asking for.

Presiding officer Timon Shum, giving a background of the case, said Batuto filed her claim after Angerer allegedly dismissed her prematurely on Nov 13 following an argument.

Shum said that when the helper handed her one-month notice on that day, Angerer initially told her to serve out her notice, then leave. But the employer later changed his mind and told the maid to work just 7 days, then she could leave.
However, Angerer changed his mind again and told her to leave immediately on the evening of Nov. 13. She filed a labour claim as a result.

On the other hand, Angerer claimed Batuto had asked him to let her go immediately after he changed his mind a second time, so he filed a counterclaim.

The presiding officer advised the two to settle their dispute instead of going for a trial that could take place only after two to three months.

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The two were apparently not ready to wait that long, so after a short discussion outside court they agreed to end their dispute. – Vir B. Lumicao
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