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HK firemen rescue Filipina in suicide attempt

05 March 2020

By The SUN

In a daring rescue, Hong Kong firemen foiled an attempt by a 44-year-old Filipina patient to jump off a fifth-floor awning of the Prince of Wales Hospital building in Shatin early this morning, Mar 5.

A police spokeswoman said hospital staff called for help after seeing the woman sitting on the edge of the awning at about 5:30 am. She reportedly climbed out the window from a fifth-floor ward of the hospital.
Police and fire officers who arrived at the scene tried to persuade the Filipina to calm down and step back to safety, but she refused.

An air mattress was immediately inflated on the ground below while a negotiator was sent to convince her to return to safety.
A video shared on social media showed a fireman climbing onto the awning, before offering a white jacket to the woman, who was wearing only a pair of hospital pajamas in the cold. He then threw the jacket to the woman.

While the woman was putting the jacket on, two fire officers abseiled down from an upper-floor ledge and grabbed her.
They were joined by other officers in securing the woman and carrying her down to safety. The drama was over at about 9am.

It took several more rescuers to haul the Filipina back to safety

The spokeswoman said the unidentified Filipina suffered superficial injuries from the incident and was being treated at the hospital.      

Tunghayan ang kwentong Dream Love.

She said there were no suspicious circumstances and no note was found. But police were still investigating the incident. The case was classified as a “suicide attempt.”

Those who are depressed or are having suicidal thoughts are urged to seek help, or call the 24-hour multi-lingual hotline at The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong : 28960000
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