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Maid filmed taking out missing $500 from her underwear

06 March 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

The Filipina helper took one $500 bill from her employer's purse then hid it in her underwear

A 28-year-old Filipina domestic helper has been sentenced to two weeks in jail, suspended for a year, in Fan Ling Court for stealing $500 from her female employer in Taipo.

A video recording set up by her employer showed defendant C. Wagason taking out the missing $500 from her underwear, then putting it into her wallet.

In court before Magistrate on Friday, Mar. 6., Wagason pleaded guilty to one count of theft.
The prosecution said Wagason was arrested by police on the evening of Mar 3 after her employer Lam Yi-fung accused the maid of taking her $500 bill.

The defendant began working in June 2019 for Lam Yi-fung at The Beverly Hills, a portly private residential estate in Taipo, New Territories.

According to the prosecutor, Lam had noticed that she had been losing money inside her house and suspected Wagason was behind the theft.
At 7pm on Mar 3, the employer set up a trap by putting 10 pieces of $500 bank notes in her purse after listing down their serial numbers.

She then set her phone on video mode and left it recording on the window sill. At 7:45pm, she returned to count the money and noticed one $500 bill was missing.

It was not clear if Wagason was filmed taking the money from Lam’s purse.
But the prosecutor said that when the employer reviewed the video recording, she saw Wagason taking out the missing bank note from her underwear at 7:21pm, and putting it in her wallet.

The employer reported to the police and the defendant was arrested.

In court, Wagason admitted she took the money and said she understood the charge.

The prosecution said the Filipina had a clear record.

Her counsel from the Duty Lawyer Service said Wagason, who was on her third work contract in Hong Kong, was the sole breadwinner for her farmer father, aged 50; her mother, 54, and her young daughter.

The lawyer said the defendant had lost contact with the father of her child. He begged for a lenient sentence for his client, considering her guilty plea and remorse.

Magistrate So sentenced Wagason to two weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months. 

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