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No new Covid-19 case reported in HK

20 April 2020

By The SUN
Hong Kong is virus-free for the  first time in 45 days 

For the first time in over a month, Hong Kong’s Health Department did not hold its daily press briefing today, Mar 20. The reason: there is nothing to report, as no new case of Covid-19 infection was detected in Hong Kong over the past 24 hours.

This is the first time that not a single case of the coronavirus disease was reported since Mar 5.
For nearly a week until yesterday, the number of new cases had remained in the single digit, sparking hope that the worst is over for the city, and that the social distancing measures put in place starting Mar 19 could be relaxed.
But health experts are urging caution, especially since a locally acquired case was reported yesterday. The patient, a 47-year-old ground crew of Virgin Atlantic airline, developed  a cough on Apr 6 but continued to work until Apr 17, potentially spreading the virus.

She was in charge of directing arriving passengers to connecting rides so they could get to the immigration counters and baggage collection points.

Her colleagues totaling 69 have been tested, including one who had been admitted to hospital after showing symptoms. But the source of her infection is still unknown.

Some people have begun celebrating, like these wannabe singers
at the TST promenade last night, but experts are still urging caution

Speaking on an RTHK program, Prof David Hui of the Chinese University said the government should prioritize tracing the patient’s close contacts to stop the virus spreading in the community.

Earlier, Hui also said he expected the government to extend its restrictions on public gatherings, saying there should at least be 28 days after no new local case has been reported before one can say the situation has been put under control.

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