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Pinay DH forgives worker in accidental burning of her bangs

29 April 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao
Inog with her wispy fringe that got scorched in the incident

This Filipina will make you proud. After an incident that could have seriously hurt her, 42-year-old Susan Inog ignored suggestions from most of those who heard about her harrowing experience to claim for compensation.

Inog was the talk of the Filipino community after she posted her tale about an elderly restaurant worker in Central who, while trying to check her body temperature, accidentally used a stove lighter instead of a thermal gun on her, setting her fringe on fire.

The accidental hair-burning on Apr 26 caused a fuss, with hundreds of netizens telling Inog to report to the police and ask for money from the culprit or the restaurant that employed her.

But, in a meeting the next day with the woman and the restaurant manager to thresh out the issue, the Filipina forgave the offender without asking for anything in return.

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“Pinatawad ko na lang siya. Naawa ako sa kanya. Parang siya ang nanay ko,” Inog said during a phone interview today, Apr 29.

Inog said her female employer accompanied her to the meeting in the office of the manager at the restaurant on Connaught Road. The 60-year-old woman who caused the incident attended the meeting, and was very apologetic and nervous, her hands shaking.

“Halos lumuhod siya sa akin, takot na takot at sorry nang sorry. Parang nakita ko ang nanay ko, kasintanda niya at nanginginig din ang mga kamay,” said Inog, who is single and supports her parents and her nephews and nieces.

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She said that in her mother’s case, her hands shake because of her advanced age and the hard work that she used to do while raising her children.

So, it was not hard for Inog to forgive the reckless restaurant worker who rushed after her to check her temperature as she was about to enter the toilet to relieve herself.

“Nakita ko naman na talagang sincere siya sa paghingi ng tawad. Tinatanong ako ng manager kung ano ang desisyon ko. Kung gusto ko raw magreport sa pulis at humingi ng danyos ay pamemedikal niya ako sa ospital,” she said.
“Sinabi ko patawarin ko na lang siya,” Inog said.

The domestic helper saw how grateful the woman was afterwards. Through an interpreter, the woman said she was working alone as both server and temperature checker that evening because she had no reliever.

Inog noticed that the woman’s back was already bent, an indication of how hard she must have worked all her life.

Earlier, on their way to the meeting, Inog’s employer asked her what to do. The employer reportedly said that if the helper would decide to report the incident, then she would accompany her to the police after the meeting.

The employer briefed her about her rights as a victim, that she could claim compensation against the worker or the restaurant company. It was the employer who called up the manager on Sunday night and demanded the meeting.

The employer also encouraged her to post the incident on social media so everybody would be warned.

Inog recalled that the incident happened at around 7:45pm, when the restaurant was busy. The server had just set up a hot pot dinner for some customers when Inog entered in haste as she needed to go to the bathroom.

The server ran after her, then absentmindedly grabbed the lighter which she had just used for the hotpot dinner to check the Filipina’s temperature.

Inog said that being a worker herself, she understood the woman’s situation.

She also said that she was not looking for compensation as she was not seriously injured. “Kung nasunog ang mata ko, yun pa, hihingi ako ng danyos,” she said.

“May pulis noon sa labas nang nangyari iyon pero hindi na ako nagsumbong. Tinawagan ko na lang ang aking dalawang kaibigan at sinamahan nila ako sa manager para magsumbong. Galit na galit lang ako noon dahil nasunog ang buhok ko,” she said.

After making up with the woman, Inog said she felt better. She said the manager offered her three booklets of meal coupons but she declined.

“Tutubo pa naman ang buhok ko,” she said.

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