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Filipina pickpocket nabbed in World-Wide by her victim

12 May 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

The thief is caught in the act of picking the victim's wallet

A Filipina was arrested by police in World-Wide House in Central before noon on Sunday, May 10, after she was nabbed by another Filipina whose wallet the suspect allegedly tried to steal.

The incident happened on the third floor of World-Wide House, a mall that is crowded with Filipino workers on Sundays who go there to eat, shop for native products or send money to their families back home.

Pindutin pra sa detalye!

A spokeswoman from the Police Public Relations Branch said a female security officer of the mall reported the incident to the Central Police Station at 11:30am.

Officers who responded reportedly saw that the 40-year-old suspect was already being held by security staff and watched by the 28-year-old victim.
The PPRB officer said the victim was shopping on the third floor of the mall when she noticed that somebody was trying to pick her wallet.

At the same time, a Filipina shopper who noticed the incident took a video of the botched theft and alerted the victim.
Suspect is squeezed in by various Filipinas from all sides as the victim holds  onto her arm

The victim pounced on the suspect’s arm just as she had taken the wallet from her bag and called the mall security.

The PPRB spokeswoman said the suspect was taken to the Central Police station for interrogation, but could not tell if charges had been filed.
Police investigate the suspect at the scene

Many OFWs have long complained about pickpockets at World-Wide’s shopping arcade, who mostly proliferate on the first Sunday after the end of the month, when most foreign domestic workers had just received their salaries.

Before this incident, a Filipina helper warned against pickpockets in the shopping mall after she lost her wallet to a thief on May 1.


The victim recovered the wallet shortly afterwards from the mall’s management office, where someone had returned it, but without the $600 cash inside. But the victim was just grateful her HKID and her bank ATM card were left untouched.

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