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New crowd control rules set as HK again posts no new Covid-19 case

06 May 2020

By The SUN

Restaurants may now sit 8 to a table, but bars are still limited to just 4 per table, with no live entertainment & dancing

The government has released new guidelines for public venues that are set to reopen on May 8, including limiting the number of people to be allowed in cinemas and pubs to half their regular capacity, and prohibiting live entertainment and dancing in bars.

The move comes as no new Covid-19 case was again recorded today, leaving the total tally steady at 1,041.

Set to reopen from 12am on Friday are:
(1) amusement centers
(2) fitness centers
(3) places of amusement;
(4) places of public entertainment;
(5) beauty parlors
(6) massage establishments
(7) mahjong tin kau premises


The following will remain closed for another 14 days:
(1) bathhouses
(2) party room;
(3) night clubs
(4) karaoke bars

Closed until May 20:
(1) barbecue sites
(2) camp sites

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For bars, the following restrictions will be enforced:
(1) number of customers must not be more than half the normal capacity in the premises
(2) no more than four persons shall be seated together
(3) no live performance and dancing will be allowed

For restaurants, however, the maximum number of people who can sit and eat together has been increased from four to eight, but the table should still be at least 1.5 meters apart. Diners must wear mask unless eating or drinking.

Karaoke activities in any setting or premises will continue to be suspended.
For cinemas, the following rules shall apply:
(1)The number of seats can only be 50% of the maximum capacity
(2)No more than 8 people can sit in each row of seats
(3)No eating or drinking is allowed inside the theater
(4)After each screening, the theater must be cleaned and disinfected

For beauty and massage parlors:
(1) Staff must wear masks and other protective gears at all times
(2) Towels and capes must be changed after each use
(3) Steam machines and vaporizers are prohibited

For fitness centers:
All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each use

For games centers:
No adjacent game stations may be played at the same time

For pool halls, bowling alleys and ice skating rinks:
(1) Alternate lanes should be used
(2) No more than 8 persons can join each private lesson

For mahjong parlors:
(1) No adjacent tables shall be occupied
(2) Entire set of tiles must be cleaned each time a new player joins the game

For group gatherings:
(1) The number of persons allowed in each group gathering in public places will be relaxed from four to eight.
(2) Exempted from this rule are (a) different functions of the judiciary; (b) wedding ceremonies where no food or drink is served, the number allowed will rise from 20 to 50; (c) shareholders’ meetings where no food or drink is served, where no more than 50 persons can occupy a room or partitioned area.

To attract customers after the long lockdown, movie houses have been offering discounts of up to 50% off the regular ticket price, and offering discount packages.

The cheapest tickets on offer are those from Emperor Cinema, where tickets at its Tuen Mun venue will go down to $33, after the 50% discount.

Broadway Circuit is also offering half-price tickets from May 8 until July 31. However, the regular half-price discounts for morning screenings and on Tuesdays, will still be deducted from the regular ticket price.

But Broadway is taking extra precautions by requiring movie viewers to wear masks and to have their body temperature taken. Those found with temperature exceeding 37.5 will be refused entry.

UA Cinema’s promotion, on the other hand, is in the form of a new members-only discount package. Customers can purchase 5 movie tickets for only $200, which includes 4 movie ticket redemption voucher and 1 complimentary voucher. However, the promo will apply only to designated sessions from Monday to Friday.

In addition, members can enjoy a discounted ticket of $70 per ticket price on Wednesday, but only at designated cinemas. There is also a 20% discount offer on annual fees for new members.


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