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No new Covid-19 case, but distancing rules may be extended

18 May 2020

By The SUN

Rule that allows up to 8 people to gather in public, may be extended for 2 more weeks

No new case of Covid-19 was reported today, so the Centre for Health Protection did not hold its usual afternoon press conference.

The total tally for Hong Kong remains at 1,056, after three cases, all involving residents who recently arrived from Pakistan, were reported yesterday.

However, since three local cases were reported last week involving an elderly couple and their granddaughter who all live in Tsuen Wan, officials appear inclined to exercise caution when deciding on whether to relax social distancing restrictions.
Reports from both the South China Morning Post and RTHK say the government is set to extend the law banning the public gathering of more than eight people for two weeks, or until Jun 4.

The measure, which was a relaxation of the previous four-to-a-group rule, is set to expire this coming Thursday, May 21. Officials are expected to make the announcement as early as tomorrow, Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the source of the infection of the three recent local cases, remains unknown. All had no recent travel history, and hardly left their neighborhood.


The first case to be reported was that of the 66-year-old grandmother, who went to a private clinic three days after feeling unwell. She was moved to a hospital after testing positive.

Her 5-year-old grandmother who had a slight cough, tested positive on the same day while under quarantine, was also taken to a hospital.

The woman’s 62-year-old husband was found infected the next day, also while under quarantine. Although asymptomatic, he was found to have a high viral load, meaning he was highly contagious.
Health officials say it was likely that he infected his wife and granddaughter, but it’s not known how he got the virus in the first place.

Tests are being carried out on more than 1,000 people living in 850 flats in Lei Muk Shue Estate where the couple lives, as well as Cheuk Ming Building, where their granddaughter resides. Initial results yielded no new infection.

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