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Pinay saleslady in WWide charged with boss for selling pirated goods

13 May 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

The shop with the alleged fake goods is located on the third floor of World-Wide Plaza

 A Filipina saleslady and her Pakistani employer were charged today, May 13, in Eastern Court with selling and possessing pirated electronic goods in a shop in World-Wide House last year.

No plea was taken from Zolaida Gogo, 34, and Muhammad Shuaib, 46, saleslady and owner, respectively, of the electronics shop located on the third floor of the building’s shopping arcade.

The defendants were charged by the Customs and Excise Department of one count each “selling goods to which a forged trademark was applied” and “possession for sale or for any purpose of trade or manufacture goods to which a false trademark was applied.”
Magistrate Bina Chainrai adjourned the hearing until Jun 24 and extended the bail of the two defendants.

The first charge said Customs said Gogo and Muhammad sold one piece of a 32 gigabyte micro SD card bearing a forged “Sandisk” trademark on Jun 6 last year.

The prosecution said the buyer turned out to be a Customs undercover officer.

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Shortly after the purchase, Customs officers searched the shop and confiscated 44 pieces of 8GB micro SD cards, 17 pieces of 16GB micro cards , 25 pieces of 32GB micro SD cards, 7 pieces of 64 GB micro SD cards and 32 pieces of 128GB micro SD cards, all allegedly bearing a forged “Sandisk” trademark.


The officers also seized 10 power banks bearing the forged trademark “Doraemon” and 69 power banks with the fake “Hello Kitty” brand.

The two defendants were arrested and released on Customs bail after initial investigation.

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