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2 Filipinas among 8 new imported cases in HK

17 June 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

The 2 Filipinas who arrived yesterday were asymptomatic but tested positive at HK airport (File photo)

Two Filipinas, likely domestic workers, were among the eight new Covid-19 cases reported today, Jun 17, in Hong Kong.

The Centre for Health Protection listed the Filipinas as residents of the Philippines, and both arrived in Hong Kong yesterday.
One is 30 years old, and the other, 36. Both were asymptomatic, or had no symptoms.

They were both taken to Princess Margaret Hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus at the AsiaWorld-Expo testing site.
The Filipinas were taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Kowloon for treatment
The six others, aged 4, 7, 19, 36, 42 and 71, all flew in yesterday from Pakistan. They were all transferred from a quarantine center where they were taken after arriving at Hong Kong airport.

All were asymptomatic, although the 7-year-old boy was reported as having had fever and runny nose earlier.
The new cases brought Hong Kong’s tally to 1,121.

Health officials say investigations and relevant contact tracing for the new infected cases are ongoing.

Although no new local cases have been reported for days, the CHP has been conducting more tests on residents of Luk Chuen House in Lek Yuen estate, Shatin, where a cluster of nine cases were recorded early this month.
Mandatory testing will also start on new arrivals from Beijing who are exempted by law from the 14-day quarantine. This comes in the wake of a recent spike in new Covid-19 cases in the Chinese capital.

Previously, certain categories of travelers arriving from the mainland were exempted from the quarantine, including key government personnel, those who protect the health and safety of Hongkongers, supply food and essential services, airline staff, students, and other “exceptional circumstances” cases.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Disneyland is set to reopen tomorrow on a subdued note, with its popular parade and fireworks display suspended, and guests not being allowed to go near beloved Disney characters.

Disney’s officials said the number of people who will be allowed into the park would be “significantly lower” but did not give an exact figure.

Last Saturday, its rival, Ocean Park, opened its doors to just a fourth of its normal capacity.

All the 9,000 or so guests were told to pre-register online. Everyone had to wear a mask and line up at the entrance so they could have their temperatures taken.

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