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Indon DH jailed 4 months for stealing gold bullion from employer

17 June 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

The Indonesian helper had served the employer for 10 years, the court was told

Here’s a court case from which other migrant helpers in Hong Kong, including Filipinos, can draw a lesson.

An Indonesian maid was jailed for four months today, Jun 17, by a Kowloon City magistrate after admitting she stole eight gold bullion worth over $100,000 from her female employer who allegedly reneged on a promised $500 salary increase.

The 36-year-old helper, Nasiyah, was sentenced by Magistrate Ada Yim two days after she was arrested by police. She pleaded guilty to the offense.

The prosecution said the theft happened between Dec 20 last year and Jun 15 this year in the flat of her female employer, Poon Hiu-ping, in Merry Court, 6 Fessenden Road, Kowloon.
Poon, 42, a technician, reportedly bought the bullion from different jewelry shops for a total of $117,660 on Sept 20, Oct 8 and Dec 20 last year. She placed them in a pink bag and kept them in an unlocked closet drawer in her bedroom.   

On Jun 15, the employer checked the drawer and found that the pink bag and the bullion were missing. She searched the whole house the next morning and, around 3pm, she found the pink bag in Nasiyah’s closet, but it was empty.

Poon also found 7 receipts for the maid’s sales of the stolen gold and $25,520 in cash in the closet. The employer called the police, who arrested the helper.

The prosecution said that during interrogation at the Kowloon City Police Station, the helper admitted the theft and said the cash recovered was proceeds from selling the gold.

Nasiyah told the police she stole the gold out of greed, the prosecution said.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love.

But her duty lawyer said in mitigation the maid had admitted stealing the gold to get back at Poon who lured her into renewing her contract by promising a salary hike, but was not fulfilled.

At one time, the maid returned to her country for good but the employer reportedly lured her back by promising a long service pay of $15,000 to $20,000. Again, this promise was not kept.

Nasiyah served Poon and her family for 10 years, the lawyer said.

Yim said stealing from her employer was a breach of trust, a very serious crime.
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