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Ocean Park set to reopen as new Covid-19 case reported in Shatin estate

12 June 2020

By The SUN

There are now 7 infected patients living in Luk Chuen House in Lek Yuen estate

A resident of Luk Chuen House in Shatin who initially tested negative for Covid-19 was confirmed as having the virus today, Jun 12, raising the city’s tally to 1,108.

The 58-year-old woman is the sister-in-law of the first case to be reported from the residential building in Lek Yuen estate, whose husband, the new patient’s brother,
has also tested positive.

Health officials said in their briefing today that the latest patient developed a fever on May 31, and was sent to Prince of Wales hospital.
A swab test showed a negative result, and she was discharged on Jun 2 after her fever subsided, and she went into quarantine.

But yesterday, Jun 11, a deep-throat saliva sample came back positive and she was taken back to hospital for treatment.

Officials said the patient did not have a close contact with anyone else apart from her brother and sister-in-law.
Apart from the three, four other residents of Luk Chuen House were also found infected.

Three others who were in close contact with the index patient, including two of her colleagues in a logistics company in Kwai Chung, and an ambulanceman who took her to hospital, also tested positive.

However, swab tests carried out on more than 1,300 other residents of the building all came back negative. 
The Centre for Health Protection said it is following up on some residents who have yet to submit their saliva specimen, to do so as soon as possible.
Nearly all HK residents can get in for free at Ocean Park through month-long promos

Meanwhile, Ocean Park is set to reopen tomorrow, Jun 13, after being closed for nearly five months.

In line with government rules on social distancing, the park will admit only 9,000 visitors per day, or 25% of its usual capacity. All visitors must register online beforehand.

The park will open from 10am to 6pm on weekdays, and 10am to 7pm on weekends and public holidays, everday except Tuesdays during the first one and a half months of service resumptions  (Jun 13-Jul 31).


To boost attendance, the park is offering free tickets to all Hong Kong residents (or those with valid HK IDs) whose birthdays fall from Jan 26 to Jun 12. However, the offer will last only until Jul 12.

Senior citizens (those aged 65 and above) and children aged 11 or younger still get in free, but they should also register online. Apart from the free entrance, seniors will also get 30% discount on designated products, and preferential access on cable cars.
In addition, the expiry date of all Smartfun annual passes will be automatically extended, and members will get an additional month of membership to cover the park’s closure on Tuesdays.

Those who buy adult-price tickets automatically get a 30% discount ($350 each) and receive a cash voucher of equivalent value, which they can use to buy merchandise from gift shops and kiosks, or food at restaurants.

As of this writing, however, all visitor slots until Jun 26 have been filled. Registration will resume on Jun 16 at 10am, for the slots that are available from Jun 27 to Jul 24.

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