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Employer fails to stop Filipina from leaving at end of her 1-month notice

06 July 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao
The Filipina said she terminated her contract because the employer and his family gave her a hard time (File)

A Hong Kong employer has tried, but failed, to stop his Filipino domestic worker from leaving his house after her one-month notice to quit had expired.

After the helper asked the Consulate for help, the irate male employer argued vigorously over the phone on Sunday, Jul 5, with an officer of the assistance to nationals section to try and prevent the worker from leaving.

“She cannot leave. We have a verbal agreement,” the employer said arrogantly over the phone which was overheard over the hands-free phone.

“No, she has the right to leave. She gave you a one-month notice that has already lapsed,” the ATN officer argued.

The employer, already blowing his top at the other end of the line, insisted that he had an agreement with the helper that she would stay at their home for a few more days.

But according to the Filipina who sought ATN’s mediation, she was already depressed and wanted to return to her family soon.

She was also worried that if she didn’t leave her employer’s house soon, she would miss the next available flight to Manila and overstay as her visa was about to expire already.


Her employer had reportedly refused to buy her an air ticket due to her earlier decision to agree on staying longer at his residence.

“That agreement has no legal basis, so you have to let her go,” the ATN officer said, evidently also near boiling point.

But after the heated argument, the officer said the employer was eventually convinced by the employment agency to let the helper go as the agreement was not valid.

The maid reportedly told the ATN that she agreed to the arrangement only because she pitied the employer, but that she had suffered during her few months working for him and his family.

She is set to leave the employer’s flat tomorrow, Jul 7, and fly home on Wednesday.   

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