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Twin babies from Phl appear to have caught Covid-19 together

30 July 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

The twin babies arrived in HK on Jul 25 with 3 family members who tested positive ahead of them

New data uploaded on the Hong Kong government’s press information site suggest a seemingly sad story of a fraternal twin who flew in from the Philippines with members of their family, testing positive for Covid-19 a day apart.

Yesterday’s report from the Centre for Health Protection indicated a baby was among the eight imported cases confirmed as having tested positive for the coronavirus disease.

This led to some confusion among Filipinos keeping an eye on the daily press briefing, as another baby was also reported as having tested positive a day earlier, or on Jul 27.
In both instances, CHP’s Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan said the babies had flown in with members of their family, as well as a domestic worker.

The picture became clearer when CHP uploaded the details for each confirmed case last night.

The second baby, listed as patient no 2826 on Jul 28, is described as a one-year-old male with address at Tierra Verde in Tsing Yi. He flew in from the Philippines, and started showing symptoms on Jul 26.

The first baby who was reported positive for the disease on Jul 27, is identified as patient 2699. It is one-year-old girl, with the same address as the baby boy. She showed symptoms apparently on arrival on Jul 25, and tested positive two days after.

According to Dr Chuang, the babies’ family members were found infected earlier.
The 13 patients flew in one day before a negative Covid-19 test result was required of all travelers from the Phl 
They  appeared to be among a group of 13 new arrivals from the Philippines who tested positive as of midnight on Jul 25, and were included in the list the next day.
Chuang listed them down as two sailors, nine domestic helpers and two employers.

The sailors were listed as Case No 2558, 46 years old, and No 2614, 47 years old.

The babies’ family members including the domestic helper, are Nos 2563-2566, listed as 43 year-old female; 53-year-old male; and 39 year-old female.


The eight other domestic helpers are: 2516, 32 yo; 2553, 44 yo; 2554, 35 yo; 2555, 39 yo; 2556, 35; 2566, 45 yo; and 2612, 26 yo; all females.

The 13 travelers from the Philippines were among a record 145 confirmed cases listed that day, 25 of them imported.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang Kwentong Dream Love

Most, if not all, the travelers from Manila flew one day before stricter new measures were put in place, including presenting a negative result for a swab Covid-19 test prior to boarding their flights to Hong Kong.

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