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48 new Covid-19 cases include 2 confirmed & 1 preliminary positive Indo maids

14 August 2020

By The SUN

The Indonesian helper who stayed in the Mongkok dormitory submitted herself for testing (file photo)

An Indonesian domestic worker who volunteered to have herself tested after hearing about the infections in a Mong Kok boarding house she had stayed at, is one of two new cases involving foreign domestic helpers today, Aug 14.

The other Indonesian worker who tested positive stayed in another boarding house in Tsuen Wan, and had been moved to a quarantine center.

A third Indonesian who stayed in another infected dormitory in Causeway Bay also tested preliminary positive today while under quarantine.

The three cases were disclosed by Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection during a press briefing, in which she announced that there were 48 new Covid-19 patients, including two imported ones.

One of the imported cases was another Ethiopian pilot who went to Brazil and Africa before flying to Hong Kong, the second such case in two days. The other case was a student returning from India.

According to Dr Chuang, the Indonesian helper who volunteered to be tested had stayed in a boarding house on the ninth floor of Cheung Hing building in Mong Kok, after leaving her previous employer on Jul 28.

The maid claimed she found the boarding house online, and didn’t know any of the six other helpers who were there with her. While staying there, the infected maid visited several employment agencies in Central to look for a new employer.

Asked if any close contacts had been found in the agency offices the helper visited, Chuang said their investigation into the case was still ongoing.

She repeated her appeal to employers who recently hired FDWs to have their helpers tested, especially if they stayed in the Mong Kok dormitory whose landlord is still being sought.
One other Indonesian helper who had stayed in the unit, along with a family member of the one running the place, previously tested positive for Covid-19.

The first patient said she had stayed there along with eight other Indonesians, but the dormitory keeper denied that the unit was being rented out. The CHP has asked the police’s help in tracking down the landlord and the other tenants.
Six Indonesian maids who stayed in a boarding house in this Tsuen Wan building have been infected
The second infected maid had stayed in a boarding house run by David Cheung Employment Agency on Heung Wo street in Tsuen Wan, where five other Indonesian DHs had tested positive earlier.

The third maid who tested preliminary positive today had stayed in a dormitory on the seventh floor of Haven Court on Leighton Road in Causeway Bay where two other Indonesian tenants tested positive earlier.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

So far, 13 Indonesian DHs from this cluster have tested positive for Covid-19.

Shortly after the press conference, a government press release said a third Covid-19 patient had died at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. The 69-year-old man was admitted on Jul 30, and his condition deteriorated rapidly, until he passed away at 4:58 today.

The death toll now stands at 67. In the 24 hours previously, three elderly patients also passed away in various hospitals.

The total number of confirmed cases as of today is 4,361 with 30 other patients testing preliminary positive.

Of these, only 892 remain in various hospitals, and at the treatment facilities in Lei Yue Mun and AsiaWorld-Expo. Thirty are in critical condition, 48 are serious, and the rest are stable.

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