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Filipina seeks police help after being tagged in spit-in-milk case

23 August 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

The disturbing video as shared online and on Coconuts Hong Kong page

A Filipina domestic helper has sought police help after she was wrongly identified as the woman shown on a viral video spitting into a baby’s bottle while preparing milk formula.

According to various news reports in Hong Kong on Friday, Aug 21, the woman was an Indonesian domestic helper who had since been fired by her employer.

Inexplicably, Filipina domestic worker Joy Garano was identified in various group chats of Indonesian FDHs as the one who was in the video. 

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At least two Indonesian workers also shared a photo of Garano, along with a screen-grab of her  biodata filed with Bandung employment agency.

To make matters worse, a Filipina domestic worker using the Facebook name Kurdpaya Lakwatsera picked up this false information along with Garano’s personal details, and re-posted it all on her own wall, saying it was because she wanted to be fair to her Indonesian counterparts.

The news traveled fast, and Garano reacted with her own Facebook post on the same day, saying: “Para malinawan lahat, hindi po ako ang nasa video. Sa nagkalat ng fake news, maghintay lang po kayo.” (So everyone will know, I am not the one in the video. To the one spreading the fake news, just you wait).
Later, in a chat with administrators of an online group who relayed their concern, Garano said she had just gone to the police to file a report, and asked for help in rebutting  the allegation against her.

Hindi po ako yan, ate, 4 years old alaga ko. Salamat po sa concern, nagpunta na po akong police kanina…paki-spread po iyan na hindi po ako, salamat po,” she said.
(I am not the one, sister, my ward is four years old. Thanks for the concern, I have been to this police earlier today. Please spread the word that I am not that one, thank you).

She no longer responded to queries on messenger afterwards.
Bandung agency also denied the woman in the video was their applicant whose biodata was shared online 

A separate post by Bandung employment agency said: “FYI lang po. Hindi po totoo na ang nagkalat na bio data na galing sa Bandung ay ang nasa video. Ang nasa bio data at ang nasa video ay hindi po iisang tao! Nakausap na po naming ang FDH na nasa aming bio data at tinulungan na namin para ma clear ang pangalan niya. Sana hindi na natin i-share ang bio data niya at hindi na idiin na siya ang nasa video kasi hindi po siya iyon. Maraming salamat!” (FYI. It’s not true that the person in the biodata from Bandung is the same one in the video. They’re two different persons. We have spoken with the FDH in the biodata and helped her clear her name. We hope you would stop sharing her biodata and not insist that she was the one in the video because that’s not her. Thank you).
It was not made clear, however, how Garano’s private information sheet supposedly filed away in the agency’s office was leaked.

In the video reposted by online news site Coconuts Hong Kong on Friday, a woman is seen scooping milk powder into a baby bottle, then spitting a gob of saliva into it before taking it away.

The report said: “According to a caption that accompanied the video, the woman is an Indonesian domestic worker who has since been let go by her employer.”

The same version appears to have been reported in Chinese newspapers and TV reports, as well as in various online chat groups where the members are mostly locals, like “Saikung Wall” and “Must know news for employers of domestic workers.”

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The Coconuts report quoted an interview by local media organization HK01 with the chairman of the Hong Kong Employment Agencies Association chairman Cheung Kit-man who said that the video was not all it seemed.

“There are issues on both (the employer and helper’s) sides, this is not a one-sided situation,” Cheung reportedly said.

While many netizens argued that the Indonesian maid may have a valid grudge against her employer, taking it out on an innocent baby was wrong.

It was equally wrong to falsely accuse someone of being behind the disgraceful conduct.

One Indonesian who goes by the name Joy Skylight Quiee posted in her own language (roughly translated into English): “In the viral news that’s going around, an Indonesian was again blamed. Why are we being targeted? Employers should open their eyes. This is a Filipino with her complete biodata…not from Indonesia. Our faces may look similar, but that should not give anyone reason to always accuse Indonesian people. She is from the Philippines.”

Not a few netizens were more outraged that a fellow Filipina had quickly picked up the defamatory information, and even embellished on it.

Said Kurdpaya in her post: “Just want to make it clear para din unfair sa mga Indonisian (sic). Eto yung babaing nagdura sa milk bottle habang nagtitimpla. Yan name (indicating the attached biodata of Garano) pero Filipina pala, hindi Indonesia.”

After saying she managed to get the woman’s name after doing some stalking, she added: “Na virus na ata isip ni ate,” she said.

Kurdpaya, whose face is clearly shown in her profile photo, then went on to advise her fellow FDHs to love their wards and not spit into their milk, then added: “kagigil.” (So annoying!)

The post has since been deleted, but not after several OFWs had passed it around.

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