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Indonesian DH tests positive for coronavirus 19 days after arrival

15 January 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

The Indonesian helper arrived in HK on Dec 25, when the 21-day hotel quarantine took effect

An Indonesian domestic helper tested positive for Covid-19 on her third test for the virus, 19 days after arriving in Hong Kong from Jakarta.

She and a Filipina DH, who was found infected on her second test 12 days after arriving from Manila, were among 38 new Covid-19 cases reported today, Jan 15. Of the new cases, 35 were locally acquired, and three were imported.

Pindutin para sa detalye

According to an information staff at the Centre for Health Protection, the 29-year-old Indonesian arrived on Dec 25, the day Hong Kong started implementing a 21-day quarantine for all new arrivals from abroad.

The DH tested negative on her arrival, and on a second test conducted on her 12th day of quarantine at the Bridal Tea House hotel in Yau Ma Tei. 

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But she was found infected when given a third test, in line with new government regulations.

The 46-year-old Filipina, on the other hand, arrived on Jan 2, and initially tested negative at the airport. However, she was found infected after going through a second test while in quarantine at the Ramada Grand View Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.


Yesterday, another Filipina DH was also reported to have tested positive, days after finishing her 14-day hotel quarantine, and had moved in with her employer. However, she reportedly started showing symptoms on the day she finished her two-week quarantine.

The two cases, though rare, appear to reinforce government’s decision to lengthen the mandatory quarantine to three weeks from the previous two.


The third imported case was a 24-year-old female air crew who recently arrived from Switzerland. All three patients classified as imported cases were asymptomatic.

Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan from the Centre for Health Protection, said there were also around 40 preliminary cases.

15-27A Pitt Street, where 4 Covid-19 have been found

Chuang also identified another residential building in Yau Ma Tei where a cluster of cases has emerged. She said four people living in the block at 15-27A Pitt Street had tested positive for the virus. 


As a result, all residents in the building will have to undergo compulsory testing.

More than 80 cases have already been found across several streets in the district, including more than 20 in four buildings on Reclamation Street.

The authorities are now issuing mandatory tests on residents even if just a single infection is found in a building in the district.

Also tonight, authorities issued an isolation order for number 20, 22, 24 and 26 Reclamation Street, to facilitate contact tracing and prevent the further spread of the virus in the block.

In line with this order, no person, other than a health officer, shall enter or leave the buildings, or bring into or take out of the buildings any articles, except with the written permission of a health officer.

Earlier, about 90 residents in the four buildings were evacuated and moved into quarantine centers.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

Chuang also said a compulsory testing order  will be issued for residents of Hiu Fung House, Fung Wah Estate in Chai Wan, after five Covid-19 cases were found in two separate units there.

Meanwhile,   Dr. Sara Ho from the Hospital Authority (HA) said that as of 9am today, 539 confirmed patients were being treated in 25 public hospitals and the community facility at AsiaWorld Expo. 

Pindutin para sa detalye

Among them, 41 are in critical condition, 31 in serious condition, while the remaining 467 patients are in stable condition.




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