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Public viewing for OFW leader Merly Bunda set for Jan 31

26 January 2021

By The SUN

Due to Covid-related restrictions, the mass will be replaced with final blessing for Merly

The public viewing of the remains of the late Merly T. Bunda, who was well-known in the migrant community in Hong Kong for selflessly helping her fellow Filipino domestic workers who were sick or facing work-related problems, will be held this Sunday, Jan 31, at room 201 of Universal Funeral Homes in Hung Hom, starting at 12 noon. 

Bunda, who was 54 and single, succumbed to complications from late-stage cancer of the uterus early on Jan 18 at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

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She did much of her charity work anonymously, while writing for The SUN and Bombo Radyo in Iloilo.

Lorie Pecasis, her childhood friend and neighbor in their hometown of Dingle, Iloilo, says Bunda was generous to a fault.

Kapag may nanghingi ng tulong na pinansyal ay agad niyang tinutulungan, kahit siya mismo ay gipit,” says Pecasis. (If someone asked for financial help, she would oblige immediately, even if she was in dire need herself).

That generosity extended to her siblings, as well as nephews and nieces, some of whom she sent through college.

An injured arm did not stop Merly attending a fund-raising event with fellow Filcom leaders

Bunda was also known for being outspoken and feisty, often accompanying fellow OFWs in distress to the Philippine Consulate or support groups like the Mission for Migrant Workers, so she could obtain help for them.


Over the years, she had helped not a few OFWs who had overstayed their visas to go to the Consulate so they could surrender to authorities, and on the side, would give them  some cash for food and other expenses.

Also among those she assisted were victims of illegal recruiters, in particular, a fellow domestic helper who succeeded in fleecing their fellow Ilonggos of hard-earned money in exchange for bogus jobs. Because of Bunda’s persistence, the offending OFW was arrested and jailed, before being sent back to the Philippines.


But Bunda also had a soft side that most of her friends would always remember her by. She always had a ready smile, and would often brighten up hospital rooms when she would go visit some random OFWs who had reached out to her.

And how she loved to party! On Sundays nearest to her December 17th birthday, she would gather lots of friends at her kindly employer’s sprawling house in Clearwater Bay, and feed them with a variety of dishes, many of which she’d cooked herself.

Merly was thrilled to bits seeing rock star Arnel Pineda in person during his concert in HK

She was loved by many, and she gave out much love in return, particularly to her two young wards, Anton and Stella, whom she helped raise from when they were born. Days before she passed on, all Bunda would talk about was how she was looking forward to seeing the two kids, particularly Anton, who she’d said with a laugh, had declared that he would marry her when he grew up.

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It was an enduring testimony to how Bunda had given out love, light and goodwill, in the 30 years that she’d worked far away from home.

Donations to the Bunda family are accepted through direct deposit to:

Hang Seng Bank Account No 373 102870 668

(Name: Lorie P. Pecasis)

TNG, through Tel No. 6572 4583

(Account Name: Joan Eula)










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