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CE says govt will make sure first Covid-19 vaccine arrives end of Feb

02 February 2021

By The SUN 

CE Lam says BioNTech vaccine on track to arrive end of February

The Chief Executive has given assurance that the government will do its best to ensure that the first approved vaccine for use in Hong Kong, Fosun/BioNTech, will arrive as scheduled by the end of this month.

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But, she said a snag could still happen because of events unfolding in Europe, where the vaccine is manufactured.

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“Of course we will make sure that it will come but as you have read the news in the European Union (EU), there have been all sorts of things happening in the EU, and this vaccine is manufactured in Germany, so we have to watch the situation very carefully,” said the CE.


“Since we have a contract to buy, I hope that all the other organisations will respect this contractual relationship and allow the BioNTech vaccine to come to Hong Kong by the end of this month.”


Lam, who spoke before the start of the Executive Council meeting today, Feb 2, said the vaccination will start almost immediately after the BioNTech vaccine arrives because the government has got almost everything ready for the exercise.

Vaccination will start as soon as the first doses arrive, says the CE

She also assured the public that the coronavirus vaccines will only be administered after they’ve passed scrutiny by medical experts.

Hong Kong has ordered 7.5 million doses each from BioNTech, Sinovac and AstraZeneca. The last one is not expected to arrive until the latter part of the year, but Sinovac’s scheduled arrival last month was delayed because of its failure to submit data required by the government.


“We have been liaising very closely with the manufacturer. The latest is we will be given the data so that the experts could consider the data and recommend for the Secretary for Food and Health to authorise this vaccine for use,” said Lam.

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She said she had received assurance from Beijing that the Central Government would help secure the early arrival of Sinovac.

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