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Ring leader in ATM money laundering scam a Pinay, says arrested FDW

03 February 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

A self-confessed cog in the laundering scam shows money supposedly paid her for her role 

A former domestic worker who has confessed to flying back to the Philippines after being arrested by Hong Kong police for suspected money laundering has pointed to a fellow Filipina as one of the major operators of the syndicate.

In an online message sent to The SUN, E.M. named the alleged ringleader as Juliet G.E., a resident of Jordan in Kowloon, and is married to a “black man” with whom she has a baby.

E.M. alleged that Juliet is the one who holds all the ATM cards of Filipinas lured into the illicit operation, withdraws money paid into their dummy accounts, and dispenses payment to them each time a deposit is made into their account.

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It would appear that Juliet, who is shown in pictures supplied by E.M. as dusky, long-haired and quite chubby, is indeed quite high in the syndicate’s pecking order as she reportedly offered a cut of up to 10% for every deposit made into a conduit account.

Ang sabi nila sa amin, ganito. ‘Mag open kayo ng ATM (linked account), tapos ibigay ninyo sa akin ang card. Kung lagyan ng pera ang ATM ninyo ng $50,000 meron kayong $5,000,” said E.M.


(This was what they told us. Open an ATM account, then give us your card. Each time  $50,000 is transferred to your account you will get $5,000).

Unlike other Filipina migrant workers lured into the scheme, E.M. does not profess not knowing anything about the illegal transactions she was made part of. She said a total of $1.2 million was laundered through her account, for which she was paid $12,000. Not quite the cut she was promised, but still substantial.

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Dapat mahuli yan sa Hong Kong kasi siya yung may hawak ng lahat ng mga ATM dyan. Isa na akong biktima dyan,” said E.M. (She should be arrested in Hong Kong because she holds the ATM cards. I was one of her victims).

But when E.M. was arrested by the police on Nov. 24, she claimed not knowing anything about the scam because she lost her ATM.

In truth, “tinapon ko agad ang ATM ko,” said E.M.

To gain temporary freedom, she posted $5,000 police bail, then went back to her employer, who promptly terminated her, and told her to fly back home.

Hindi na ako nakapunta sa Konsulado kasi pinauwi ako agad ng amo ko,” E.M. said. “Bago lang ako sa Hong Kong.”


She said she was one of three in Juliet's ring that were arrested, and all of them jumped bail. Her next reporting day to the police was supposed to be on Nov 29.

Hindi ako umamin sa pulis na may inilapit po ako, na wala akong dinalang ibang tao kasi baka hahaba pa ang kaso ko. Nagbayad na lang ako ng $5,000 tapos pinauwi ako on the spot ng amo ko.”


(I did not admit that I recruited other people, that I brought them to the syndicate, otherwise it would just prolong my case. I just paid $5,000, then my employer sent me home on the spot).

Because she fled, she knows her chances of coming back to Hong Kong are nil.

Juliet's home is reportedly just a short walk from the Jordan MTR station

It would appear the two women became quite close because Juliet reportedly asked E.M., who did not live with her employer, to accompany her at dawn each time she withdrew money using the ATM cards supplied by her Filipina recruits.

E.M. said she also helped Juliet pack some five cargo boxes the alleged scammer would send each month to an address in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Ang yaman na niya sa Manila. Halos isang taon ko din siyang kasama sa Hong Kong kasi ako lagi ang tinatawag niya,” said E.M.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

(She has become very rich in Manila. I was with her for nearly a year in Hong Kong because she used to call me all the time).

The alleged victim also said Juliet and her husband used to go to Macau every six months to lure Filipinos there into their illicit trap. It is not clear, though, who else were working with the couple in moving millions of dollars in dirty money, using gullible and greedy migrant workers as their conduits.

E.M. said she decided to point to Juliet as a key figure in the scam so she could be arrested, and stopped from victimizing other Filipinas.

Kapag hindi mahuli yan, ma’am, ang dami pang Pilipinang makukulong,” E.M. said.

(Until she’s arrested, more Filipinas would end up in jail).

At least four other Filipina domestic workers have been arrested for their suspected involvement in the money laundering operation so far. Unlike E.M., however, all that the women claimed to have received from the scammers was a measly $400 to $900.

They all pointed to another Filipina named Gemmalyn as their handler.

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