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Philippines posts record daily death toll of 401

10 April 2021

By The SUN

Two records were set Friday: biggest number of Covid-19 deaths and active cases

It would appear that the coronavirus variant sweeping across the Philippines is not just highly infectious, but deadly as well.

On Friday, Apr. 9, the country recorded 401 deaths, the biggest ever daily figure. It took the country’s total fatality toll to 14,520.


This came as 12,225 new cases were posted on the same day, raising the overall infection tally to 840,554.

Of these, 178,351 are active cases, representing 21.2 percent of the total, the highest ever recorded not just in the country, but in the whole Southeast Asia.


The total number of cases was the third biggest daily tally, after the 15,310 cases recorded on Apr 2, and the 12,576 the next day.

According to the Department of Health, about half of the reported deaths, or 213, was a result of its revalidation efforts.

Pindutin para sa detalye

It said these cases “that were previously tagged as recoveries were reclassified as deaths after final validation.” However, there was no explanation as to how such a gross mistake could have taken place.

But even with this explanation, 10 laboratories were reported to have failed to submit their data on time, meaning the infection and death rates could have been higher.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Data culled from DOH’s daily reports show that over the past six days alone, 1,097 confirmed Covid-19 patients succumbed to the disease. These comprise two fatalities recorded on Apr 4, 10 on Apr 5, 382 on Apr 6, 242 on Apr 7 and 60 on Apr 8.

Most hospitals in Metro Manila have no more beds for Covid-19 patients

A day earlier, the World Health Organization warned the Philippines was close to crossing the “red line” in exhausting its health care capacity for handling the pandemic after record rises in its daily infections and death toll.


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 “We are concerned about the situation in the Philippines,” said WHO Regional Director Dr. Takeshi Kasai. “We are concerned because the surge is really continuing and moving toward the so-called red line [when] the number of cases exceed or surpass the capacity of health care.”


Kasai warned that it was “very, very important” that the red line was not crossed as that would health-care workers in a dire situation, and as a consequence, the decline of health-care capacity.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Meanwhile, an infectious disease expert told the Manila-based daily, Philippine Star, that the record death tally merely reflected the surge in Covid-19 infections across the country.

Rontgene Solante of the San Lazaro Hospital said a majority of those who died recently were senior citizens, who are the most vulnerable among the sectors.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong 

“The virus is always virulent especially for 60 years old and above. The increase in death will always follow when you have more 60 years old and above admitted with comorbidities,” Solante was quoted as saying.

He added the increase in the mortality figure did not mean that Covid-19 and its rapidly spreading mutation, has become more virulent.



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