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Prosecutors drop rape case vs African man in alley video scandal

19 April 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The incident happened in the staircase of this building in the alleys

A rape case filed by a Filipina domestic helper against an African man who allegedly assaulted her sexually on a staircase in one of Central’s alleys has been dropped by the prosecution.

This has been confirmed by the Department of Justice, which said it could not continue pursuing the rape complaint against the suspect, Obi Collins, due to insufficient evidence.

“Having thoroughly considered the evidence in the case, the applicable law and the Prosecution Code, the Department of Justice considered that there was insufficient evidence to support a reasonable prospect of conviction, and thus decided to discontinue the prosecution,” a DOJ spokesman said in reply to a query from The SUN Hong Kong.


The complainant, who had initially sought help from The SUN, said she did not wish to pursue the case as she feared losing her job. She also said she was disappointed that some of her friends who were with her that day did not want to speak up.

Collins was charged with rape in Eastern Court on July 15 last year for allegedly waylaying the helper on the fifth floor staircase of Fai Man Building on 13 Li Yuen St West, one of the two narrow passages that Filipinos call “alley-alley”.

CG Tejada says Filipinos should go to the Consulate if they get into trouble

The case was last slated for mention at Eastern Court 1 on Dec 21, 2020, but nothing was heard about it since. The police did not want to comment when contacted for a follow-up, and referred the inquiry to the DOJ.


Consul General Raly Tejada said that when Filipinos find themselves in situations such as this, they should assert their rights, call the police right away and go to a medical check-up for evidence to be collected and preserved for trial, and seek help from the Consulate.

“My message to our Kababayans is to assert their rights at all times. The Consulate is here to assist and provide necessary guidance to all Filipinos in Hong Kong who will face a similar situation,” ConGen Tejada said when asked to comment on the dismissal of the case.

"Sa mga susuong sa ganitong pagsubok, magpakatatag lang po and maghain ng reklamo at the earliest possible opportunity,” he said. (To those who go through this kind of ordeal, just stay strong and file a complaint at the earliest possible opportunity.)

Pindutin para sa detalye

“Make sure to go to a doctor to undergo forensic examination so that any evidence collected can be properly preserved and presented at trial. Rest assured that PCG will be assisting you all the way,” ConGen Tejada said.

Two weeks ago, the leader of an African community group in Hong Kong bragged about the acquittal of the suspect in his weekly online video program, saying that the innocent African boy was vindicated.

The program host, who calls himself Capo Daniel, added that Hong Kong police are quick to arrest Africans for crimes that they have not committed.

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He said that the rape charge was dropped after the Philippine Consulate talked to the woman and asked her to withdraw the case.

Consul Paul Saret, head of the assistance to nationals section, denied this. “I wasn’t even aware that a rape case was filed until you asked me about it because the alleged rape victim did not come to us to ask for help,” Saret said.

The case stemmed from a video that went viral online showing a burly black man and a Filipina who appeared to be having sexual intercourse in the dimly lit staircase of Fai Man Building. The building had no security guards and no CCTV cameras on the staircase.


Somebody who filmed the episode from the top of the stairs with a phone camera posted the footage online, calling it the “Alley-alley Scandal”. Since then, it had been shared many times over and viewed by thousands of individuals.

Street sign on the alley where it happened

The Filipina woman in the video complained to the police accompanied by her employer, who was reportedly appalled by what happened. That was the reason she did not go to the Consulate anymore, she said.

She said the assault happened after she and some female friends went to celebrate a birthday in a pub operated by Filipinos on the fifth floor of the building. They had been drinking alcohol. There was a group of black men including the suspect sitting at a table nearby.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong 

She said the men were trying to chat with her group but the Filipinas ignored them and continued their celebration. Around 7pm, the alleged victim stood up and bade her friends goodbye because she had had enough drinks and her curfew was early.

The woman walked groggily to the lift but it was in use, so she took the stairs. She said she didn’t notice when Collins followed her and grabbed her while she going down the staircase, and started raping her. She said she was too drunk to resist.

In previous videos on the Afri Kong group’s Facebook page, who claims to be the defense chief of the Ambazonia Defense Force, had also boasted that African men are being chased and fought over by Filipinas in Hong Kong.

He accompanied his claim with a video showing two Filipina helpers fighting fiercely on Chater Road in Central over what the man said was an African man.


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