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4 people get $5k penalty tickets during Sunday patrol of FDH haunts

03 May 2021

By The SUN 

Beach goers were not spared from govt staff enforcing social distancing rules

Government enforcers have continued their patrol of popular hangouts of foreign domestic helpers, this time going as far away as a beach in Castle Peak to remind people to follow social distancing rules.

A press statement issued by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on Sunday evening said that staff of various government departments visited its venues and beaches in 18 districts earlier to ensure users are following anti-epidemic regulations.

Pindutin para sa detalye

As of 4pm of the same day, more than 6,700 verbal advice was given, and four fixed penalty tickets each costing $5,000 were issued to violators.

No details of the people warned or apprehended were given out, but pictures that accompanied the statement showed those approached in at least three venues in Central, Lai Chi Kok and Castle Peak, were FDHs.

Call now!

The statement said the LCSD and other department stepped up venue inspections, and called on users to abide by the rules.

“Repeat offenders are prosecuted after verbal warnings (were) ignored,” said the statement.

Also targeted were parks run by LCSD like Statue Square in Central 

At the same, LCSD staff on patrol reportedly issued promotional materials and broadcast reminders urging FDHs to comply with the social distancing rules.


The renewed campaign followed the discovery on Thursday that a Filipina DH who had joined friends in big gatherings was carrying the highly infectious coronavirus strain first found in South Africa. 

However, later studies by infectious disease experts revealed she had acquired the infection from an Indian returnee who tested positive 10 days after ending his 21-day hotel quarantine, and had lived several districts away from her.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love.

Government regulations provide that no more than four people can gather together in public places, including beaches and indoor venues. The wearing of masks in all public places is also strictly enforced.

The statement called on all users of LCSD venues “to exercise self-discipline and abide by relevant anti-epidemic regulations in order to reduce the chances of virus spreading in the community.”


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