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At least 40K FDHs still need to get tested as deadline nears

07 May 2021

By The SUN 

Labour is again sending 4 mobile testing vans to FDH hotspots this weekend

The Labour Department has called on foreign domestic helpers to get tested as soon as possible, and avoid the last-minute rush to beat the deadline for compulsory testing this weekend.

Labour said in a statement on Thursday, May 6, that 201,000 foreign domestic helpers had complied with mandatory testing as of Tuesday. An additional 130,000 had booked places at community testing centers between May 5 and the May 9 deadline.


That is still 40,000 short of the total FDH population of about 370,000. But basing from the figures from the first day of testing on May 1, when 52,000 were served, the shortfall could still be met.

The Department has announced that four mobile testing stations will be deployed again at four places where FDHs often hang out on May 8 and 9, from 10am to 8pm. These are Chater Garden in Central, Soccer Pitch 6 at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, Lai Chi Kok Park and Tsuen Wan Park.

Pindutin para sa detalye

At the same time, FDHs can submit bottles containing saliva specimens to community testing centers or mobile collection stations in the coming days. The specimen bottles can be picked up from MTR stations and post offices. Details can be found here: (    

So far, three FDHs who got tested were found to carry the mutant strain of the coronavirus, with another one testing positive after being identified as a close contact of one of the carriers.

Pindutin para sa detalye

In its statement, Labour called on FDHs to get tested immediately, and employers to let them go out on a weekday to prevent mobile testing stations being swamped with walk-in applicants on Saturday and Sunday.

“We remind FDHs who are subject to compulsory testing to be tested as soon as possible. To avoid long wait times on the weekend, we encourage FDHs to receive testing today (May 6) and tomorrow (May 7) as far as possible. We appeal to employers to allow their FDHs to receive testing on a weekday.”

Migrant leaders fear a deluge at testing stations over the weekend

Filipino and Indonesian community leaders have warned that chaos could ensue over the weekend, particularly on Sunday, which is the only day given by some employers to their helpers to get out of the house.

Dolores Balladares of United Filipinos (Migrante) Hong Kong has said in several interviews that not a few FDHs have expressed concern that they wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline as their employers are not allowing them to go out on a weekday to get tested.

Call now!

Balladares said this could lead to migrant workers turning out by the tens of thousands on the last day of the testing period and having to wait for hours to get tested.

She said this would expose workers not just to the elements but also the risk of contracting the coronavirus from an unknown carrier as they need to stand close to each other in the queue. 



Eni Lestari of International Migrant Alliance said in The SUN Interviews on Facebook Wednesday night that concerned consulates should lead their respective communities in ensuring that migrant domestic workers are able to comply with the order.

Lestari said many workers do not even know where to go for tests after most appointment slots at community testing centers were filled as soon as the compulsory testing notice was issued on Apr 30.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love.

The government said then that all FDHs should submit themselves to Covid-19 tests between May 1 to 9, citing the cases of two FDHs, both Filipinas, being found with the mutated virus.

But experts say the first was infected by next-door neighbors in her quarantine hotel in Sai Ying Pun, and was not detected until she had moved in with her employer in Mid-Levels.

The other caught the virus from an Indian returnee who tested positive five days after finishing his 21-day hotel quarantine, and had gone around the city, infecting at least three other Filipinas.


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