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Indian man in variant cluster released on $30k cash bail & $10k surety

18 May 2021

By The SUN 

Rizvi was released from custody by the court after posting $30k cash bail and $10k surety

The Indian man identified as the index patient in a cluster of coronavirus variants that spread locally last month was allowed to post bail of $30,000 cash and $10,000 in personal surety when he returned to Kowloon City court today, May 18.

Syed Mohamed Rizvi, 30, is charged along with his Filipina girlfriend Victoria Marie A. Guadiz, 31, of providing false information to medical personnel on Apr 16, after they were found to carry the South African variant.


Their failure to disclose crucial information about their whereabouts during the infection period is said to have caused eight other people to catch the highly infectious strain of the coronavirus.

Despite pleading with the magistrate repeatedly, Rizvi was denied bail in his first court appearance, after the prosecution cited his lack of local ties, making the risk of absconding high.

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The prosecutor also told the court that the defendant would be charged later with a more serious offence of giving false information to immigration officers.

Rizvi was said to hold a Hong Kong identity document, but is not a permant resident. He works as an engineer in Dubai.

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Guadiz, who works as a nurse in a private clinic in Central, was allowed to post a $2,000 bail when she appeared in court on May 14.

After hearing submissions today, the magistrate finally allowed Rizvi to post bail until his next court appearance on May 31. Guadiz is set to appear in court again on the same day.


Until then, Rizvi was made to surrender his travel document, live at his reported address and report to the police three times a week.

The prosecutor told the court that Rizvi arrived from Dubai on Mar 19 and finished his hotel quarantine on Apr 8. He then went to live with Guadiz in a flat in Parkes Building on Jordan Road.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love.

On Apr 16, after he was found to carry the coronavirus variant, he told a nurse at the hospital where he was taken that he just went around Jordan and Tsim Sha Tsui, as well as Cheung Chau.

But on Apr 28, after a Filipina domestic worker in Tung Chung was found to carry a variant identical to his, Rizvi admitted he and Guadiz visited Citygate mall on Apr 11 and dined in a restaurant elsewhere in Tung Chung. They also went for a meal in Discovery Bay.


Guadiz was released on $2k bail earlier 

Later it emerged that the pair had also been to several places, said the prosecutor. These included a visit to Tong Fuk village on Apr 10, after which they spent the night at Novotel hotel in Tung Chung.

“Further, they visited D2’s (Guadiz) family on Apr 13 for a gathering,” said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor said that they were considering filing additional charges of giving false information to immigration officers “on each defendant," and blamed the two for the evacuation of thousands of residents from various buildings.


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