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Lam Tin suicide not a Filipina DH, police says

28 May 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

The victim lies lifeless on the pavement.

The woman who was reported to have jumped to her death in Lam Tin is not a Filipina domestic helper, a police spokeswoman said Thursday night.

She made the clarification on being told that people who live in Lei Ting House, Lei On Court in Lam Tin had been spreading the story that the apparent suicide victim was a Filipina DH, and that her employer had been trying to keep her death a secret.


According to the police, the woman involved was a 34-year-old Chinese woman named Y. Huang. Someone alerted police at about 4:48pm on Wednesday about finding the woman unconscious on the platform below the building where she lived.

Paramedics who were sent to the scene found the woman unconscious and rushed her to United Christian Hospital where she was declared dead. No other details were given.

Pindutin para sa detalye

A Filipina domestic worker who claims to live in the same apartment block had circulated a photo of a woman wearing denim pants and black shirt lying on a concrete pavement, with her head covered by a crying emoticon.

The Filipina named Mylene said she took the photo from a window of her employer’s flat in the same block. She said the victim lived in a flat on the 21st floor of the building.

Picture of the victim, taken by a neighbor,

Mylene also said the information that the deceased was a Filipina DH came from an Indonesian helper who lives next door the victims.


Kagabi daw twice sya (Indonesian) pinuntahan sa flat nila ng police at nagtanong. Kaunting interview daw kung kilala niya yung namatay na helper, kung may mga narinig ba daw na ingay,” Mylene said, referring to her Indonesian informant.

(Last night the police went to their house twice to ask questions. They did a bit of interview, asking questions like if she knew the dead helper, if she heard any noise).

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 "Yun din ang sabi ng anak ng amo ko, na Pinay yung namatay,” she insisted, even after being told that her information was all wrong. (That was what my employer’s son also said, that the one who died was a Filipina).

This was not the first time that members of the community had spread wrong information about  suicide victims being Filipina DHs.

Pindutin para sa detalye

In the latest case, a woman who fell to her death in Ma On Shan in January this year was widely reported in local media to be a Filipina DH. She was not. Police said it was a local woman who was mentally ill.

But the story that caused the biggest stir was that of a woman who was found crumpled to death and bleeding on the third-floor patio of posh Robinson Place in Mid-Levels on Dec 13, 2019.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

For the whole day, a number of Filipina netizens went to the town with the story that the victim was a Filipina DH who had worked for an Indian employer in Tower 2 of the building.

Quoting other Filipinas who claimed to work in the same block, they vehemently denied that it was a suicide, and insisted the victim was cleaning windows when she fell to her death.

The netizens suddenly clammed up when police revealed that the suicide victim was a 66-year-old Chinese woman who jumped off a flat on a high floor of the residential block.

Those who are feeling depressed are advised to seek professional help immediately, either through the Philippine Consulate or NGOs like the Mission for Migrant Workers. They can also call the 24-hour multi-lingual hotline of the Samaritans at 28960000. 


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