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Two DHs among HK’s four new imported Covid-19 cases

31 May 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao

One of the 2 domestic helpers who tested positive today flew in from the Netherlands

Hong Kong health officials reported four new confirmed coronavirus cases today, May 31. All of them are imported, and included two domestic helpers.

The Centre for Health Protection is also investigating the case of a male police officer, 35, who tested preliminary positive. If confirmed, he would be Hong Kong’s first local case in more than a week.


The new cases took the number of Covid-19 patients in Hong Kong to 11,842.

A Department of Health staff said one of the FDHs arrived on May 21 from Indonesia on Cathay Pacific flight CX798.

Pindutin para sa detalye

She tested negative on arrival at the airport but was found infected on her seventh day in hotel quarantine.  Tests are still being carried out to determine if she has the mutated strain of the virus.

The other helper, aged 31, whose nationality was not determined, flew in from the Netherlands on KLM flight KL819 on May 29, the DH staff said.


Another imported case involves a 38-year-old woman who arrived from Seoul on a Korean Airlines KE607 flight on May 29 and was confirmed to have the virus the next day.

The fourth is a 40-year-old Indian man who arrived on Apr 18 from his home country but was found positive of Covid-19 in a hospital where he was confined due to underlying illness, the DH staff said.

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The man was a travel companion of a 53-year-old Indian woman who was confirmed to have Covid-19 on Apr 19.

On his arrival in Hong Kong, the man was taken to Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre where he stayed from April 18 to May 9 as a close contact of the female passenger. All tests done on him during this period turned out negative.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

After quarantine, the unemployed man moved to his flat at Shing Fu House, Kwai Shing East Estate, Kwai Chung. He went for a test at a community testing center on May 13 and the result was negative.

On May 29 he was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital for an underlying illness. A pre-admission test for Covid-19 done on him had an inconclusive result. But later he tested positive for antibodies, suggesting an old infection.

The CHP has issued a compulsory testing notice for his residential block in Kwai Chung as a safety measure. Those who had stayed in the building for at least two hours should undergo testing by June 2.

The officer who tested preliminary positive works at the Wan Chai Police HQ

Meanwhile, the officer who tested preliminary positive works at the Wan Chai Police Headquarters on Arsenal Street and lives at Wai Mei House at Yau Mei Court, Yau Tong.

The CHP said the officer developed sore throat, cough and runny nose on May 28 and visited a private medical practitioner on May 29. His deep throat saliva sample taken on May 30 tested positive.

CHP is conducting further investigations and contact tracing. As a safety precaution, the Wanchai police headquarters and Wai Mei House will be included in the compulsory testing notice today. People who were in those buildings are required to undergo testing by June 2.

The CHP said a total of 13 cases have been reported in the past 14 days, from May 17 to 30, all of them imported cases.


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