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4 ‘abandoned’ workers of HK socialite get help from PCG

05 June 2021

By The SUN

The Filipina workers were fetched from the employer's house with help from police

Four Filipino domestic workers who reported being abandoned by their socialite employer in her house in a posh residential area in Stanley have been “rescued” Friday by officers from the Consulate and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

The four workers who used to be in the employ of Chua Eh Fong resigned en masse recently, claiming to have been overworked.

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But after three of them paid the employer a month’s salary in lieu of wages, Chua reportedly left her house in Regalia Bay without a word and moved to another one nearby.

Afraid that they would be accused of doing something illegal if they left without permission from the employer, the workers asked help from the Consulate.

Tamayao talking with the police escorts

In a post Saturday, OWWA welfare officer Virsie Tamayao said the evacuation of the workers from the employer’s house was made in coordination with the Stanley Police Station.

Pindutin para sa detalye

“The Police cooperated and supported the decision to get the workers out from their workplace on the basis of our consultation with the officer of the Hong Kong Labour Department who's been likewise monitoring the case,” said Tamayao.

She was assisted in the operation by Arnel de Luna of the Consulate’s assistance to nationals section.

Chua has falsely accused another Filipina helper of theft

Chua was in the news recently after her claim that another former Filipina helper, Liverty Narcelles, had stolen her $100,000 ring was dismissed by an Eastern Court magistrate for lack of evidence.

Narcelles, who was imprisoned for four months for a crime she did not commit, is still pursuing a labour claim against Chua with help from the Mission for Migrant Workers.


In the last hearing of the Narcelles’ claim at the Labour Tribunal in April this year, Chua resisted paying a month’s salary in lieu of notice, saying she had been provoked into firing the helper.

Before this, the hearing was postponed because Chua made the outrageous claim that it was not her former employer who was in court to pursue the claim.

Narcelles was jailed for 4 months for a crime she did not commit

With the parties failing to reach a settlement, the tribunal officer set the next hearing to Dec 1.

In the meantime, Immigration has reportedly rejected Narcelles’ application to have a new employment contract processed while waiting for her labour claim to be settled.


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