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Alleged stalker of Filipina DH arrested for assault

17 June 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The Filipina claims she was assaulted by her Indian ex-lover at TKO MTR station

An Indian asylum seeker who allegedly assaulted a Filipina domestic helper at Tseung Kwan O MTR Station in March has been arrested more than a month after the woman filed a complaint with the police. 

Police confirmed the suspect was arrested on Apr 16 by operatives of the Tseung Kwan O District acting on the Filipina’s complaint.

The alleged victim, 30, claimed she was assaulted by the suspect around 9:30am on Mar 3 at the MTR station after she took her ward to school.

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She said the suspect, her former lover, demanded that she make up with him but she refused. She said that the man grabbed her arm in anger and twisted her hand until she felt intense pain. She presented a medical report.

“Upon investigation by the District Investigation of Tseung Kwan O District, a 40-year-old non-ethnic Chinese male, suspected in connection with the case, was arrested on 2021-04-16 for ‘assault occasioning actual bodily harm’,” the police said in an emailed reply to a query.

“He was released on police bail and the case is still under investigation,” the police said.


A police team tried to arrest the suspect in his known address, a subdivided flat in a Yuen Long village in late March but could not find him, according to the complainant. He was finally arrested after he returned to his address, she said.

The suspect reportedly assaulted the woman again on the same morning at a kindergarten in Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O, where he made a scene haranguing the victim and telling onlookers that she had skimmed more than $70,000 of his money.

The school principal called the police and the man was taken away. He was interviewed at the Tseung Kwan O Station but was released without any charge or bail. Police said the incident was just a dispute.


On the same day, the employers took the helper to the Labour Relations Division office in Kowloon Bay and summarily fired her, saying she had put their child in harm’s way.  

The Filipina's stuff after she was fired on the spot by her former employers

The woman said the man had long been badgering her about taking out a $60,000 bank loan. She refused and, since then, she had been stalked, harassed and bullied online by the asylum-seeker, she said.

The Filipina, a mother of two teenagers, said she met the suspect on an online dating site in March 2019. She said the man introduced himself as an engineer who was an executive of a medical laboratory company and a staff at Justice Centre Hong Kong.

He also allegedly claimed he worked for International Social Service Hong Kong, a government agency proving refugee support, and was a distributor of Pakistani mango in Hong Kong markets.

The complainant said she was impressed and they soon became intimate. But she discovered later that he was a refugee with a recognizance paper, meaning he is fighting deportation.

About two months ago, the suspect reportedly created fake Facebook accounts of the woman and bullied her by posting her photos with captions portraying her as sex-starved and a thief who took his money.

Through those clone accounts, the suspect also dragged her 14-year-old daughter into the mess, portraying both mother and daughter as selling sexual services.

The woman said she avoided him by changing employer, but the suspect tracked her down to Lohas Park. She said the man often demanded money from and she ended up giving him $300 or more each time just so he would leave.

Things came to a head when he created a scene at the school of the Filipina’s ward, which led to her being fired. 

Luckily, she was allowed by the Immigration Department to stay and process a new work contract, and she is now happily working for her new employers.


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