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Fate foils Feliz, 8-4, as Osabel fires up Filipinas

03 June 2021

By Emz Frial

Osabel sails to home base a split second before her dive

Filipina “iron woman” Romela Osabel did a dash-and-dive stunt to score a home run in the third inning to drive Fate, the lone Filipino team in Hong Kong Softball Association, on May 30 to its second victory in as many meetings over Chinese rival Feliz, 8-4.

Fate shrugged off an early score by Feliz as both teams started slow on a bright and hot Sunday afternoon at Shek Kip Mei in the new season of the HKSA Women’s League tournament.

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The local players took the batter’s stand first as the away team but failed to make a score.

The two teams played defensively, giving no room to either side to score. As a result, neither team was able send a batter to the home base in the first two innings.


In the third inning, Chan Wing Yee of Feliz roused the Filipinas when she stole the first run to the home base to put the local team ahead, 1-0.

When Fate took over the bat to start its third inning, Osabel performed her spectacular suicide play to cap a home run as the Feliz baseman stood helplessly.



The players and spectators alike broke into cheers as the athletic Osabel, who also plays baseball and cricket, literally swam on dry ground to produce Fate’s first score that tied the match at 1-1.

Taking the cue from Osabel, a succession of Fate batters, Percy Jayme, Daisy Maano, team captain Don Gaborno and Belinda Ganitano also scored each to close the inning at 5-1 with the Filipinas atop.

The fourth and fifth innings were a scoreless struggle for Feliz, as none of the Chinese softbelles was able to step on the bases.

Fate likewise failed to produce a score in their fourth inning. But the fighting Filipinas made up for that in their fifth inning when Josel Ondrade, Junalyn Cupag and Maribel Sitchon each scored, taking Fate way ahead at 8-1 at the end of the inning.

Undaunted, the local ladies took their last chance in the sixth inning and made three runs to the home base courtesy of Lee Yuek Heng, Poon Ka Lam and Yuen Ching Yi.

The match ended with a score of 8-4, in favor of the Filipinas. 

Players from both teams strike a friendly pose after the game

For Feliz, their performance last Sunday was visibly better than in their previous match on Mar 21 when they were blanked 11-0 by Fate.

Fate is preparing for its next game slated for June 20 versus Deborah team of the local.

Fate is made up of Filipina domestic helpers who enjoy their free time on the diamond of Shek Kip Mei while practicing and maintaining their physical skills.

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