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Health Sec sees vaccination rate going up to 50% by August

26 June 2021

By The SUN

Chan says HK needs to reach a 70% vaccination rate to gain herd immunity

Secretary for Health Sophia Chan has welcomed a marked increase in the number of people getting themselves vaccinated against Covid-19, adding that she is hopeful the overall inoculation rate could go up to 50% by August.

She made her statement as the vaccination rate shot up to 3.5 million by Saturday night, with a record 58,400 people being jabbed in a single day.

Of the overall figure, 2.1 million have had their first shot of a vaccine, while 1.39 million had completed their vaccination by having the second jab.


German-made BioNTech vaccines are heavily preferred over the Mainland’s Sinovac, by around 30% more.

 "The figures have been encouraging," Chan said during an RTHK program earlier in the day.

At the time, the total vaccination figure was 3.4 million, with about two million receiving their first job, representing about 30 % of all residents qualified to take the jab.

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"If we can keep this up, there's a chance for us to see a vaccination rate of over 50 percent in August or September," she said.

Saturday saw no new local case being recorded, but two imported ones nudged up Hong Kong’s total Covid tally to 11,991. One is an 18-year-old girl newly arrived from the United Kingdom, while the other is a 45-year-old male who flew in from Russia.

Meanwhile, the surge in new bookings continues, with about 30,000 people making online appointments on Saturday. On Friday, 33,500 had booked their vaccination appointments while 57,700 other people had received either BioNTech or Sinovac jabs.

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The take-up rate of between 97-98% ensures a steady increase in the overall tally.

The health secretary said a higher vaccination rate in Hong Kong could lead to a relaxation of social distancing measures. However, there is a need to boost this to at least 70% before the city can achieve herd immunity.

But there is a big chance that even that target could be met . Chan said the infection situation in Hong Kong is improving, despite the discovery last week  of the first local case carrying the Delta variant. 

The male patient who worked at the airport, was found to have caught the virus from three newly arrived Indonesian domestic helpers who had stayed in the same part of the airport as he while waiting for the result of their post-arrival Covid-19 test.


Earlier, a teen-age girl in Tin Shui Wai was found to carry a rare mutation of the Alpha variant, whose source remains unknown.

But Chan said sporadic cases are to be expected because of the spread of mutant strains abroad.



Number of persons receiving Sinovac vaccine

Number of persons receiving BioNTech vaccine

Total number of doses

First vaccine dose

923 300

1 199 300

2 122 600

Second vaccine dose

565 900

822 600

1 388 500

* The numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred.
     In the 24 hours ending at 8pm today (June 26), about 58 400 persons have received vaccination and about 30 000 new vaccination bookings have been made online. Details are as follows:



Sinovac vaccine

BioNTech vaccine

Number of persons receiving first dose

10 700

19 600

Number of persons receiving second dose

9 500

18 700

Overall percentage of persons receiving vaccines at Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs)



Number of online bookings for receiving first and second vaccine doses

6 100

24 000

* The numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred.

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