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Police officer declared ‘false positive’ for Covid-19

02 June 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

The police officer was turned away at the vaccination centre because he had a cold 

A 35-year-old police constable who was reported as positive for Covid-19 yesterday has been taken off the list of confirmed cases today, with officials saying his was a case of vaccine strain contamination.

A statement issued by the Centre for Health Protection today, Jun 2, says genetic analysis by both the Department of Health and the University of Hong Kong showed the specimen taken from the officer was compatible with a vaccine strain, and not the coronavirus.

“After examining the clinical, epidemiological and laboratory findings, this case is compatible with vaccine strain contamination and hence will not be classified as a case of Covid-19 infection and has been deleted,” said the statement.

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“The exact source of the contamination will require further investigation. His close contacts will be released from the quarantine center if they obtain a negative test result.”

His being taken off the list of confirmed Covid-19 case has restored Hong Kong’s 39-day record of not having any untraceable infection.

At a press briefing yesterday, CHP’s Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan said the officer, who is assigned to the Wan Chai district headquarters, was scheduled to get a Sinovac jab at the vaccination center in Central Library last Friday. But he was turned away because he had symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.


He got himself tested for Covid-19 the next day, and the result was positive with a low CT value, indicating he had a heavy viral load. However, subsequent tests at a hospital where he was taken all came back negative, and showed he did not have antibodies.

Chuang said no one among his family members was found to be infected.

Infectious disease expert Yuen Kwok-yung visited the vaccination centre earlier today as well as other places where the man had been to, to find out where he might have picked up the deactivated virus which is the key ingredient of the Sinovac virus.


Late last month, a 61-year-old nurse who helps out in a vaccination centre in Jordan that administers Sinovac jabs also tested positive for Covid-19 initially. But her case was eventually not confirmed after tests showed she had the inactivated virus contained in the vaccine.

Only one imported case was reported today, involving a 58-year-old man who flew in from the United Arab Emirates and was asymptomatic. He was found infected while in quarantine at MetroPark Hotel in Homantin.

According to the CHP’s statement, this latest infection would take the number 11846, which was what had been given to the police officer who is now off the confirmed list.

Thus, Hong Kong’s total infection tally remains at 11,849.



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