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Real-name registration for SIM cards to start March next year

01 June 2021

By The SUN              


Annoyed by calls from unknown people offering all sorts of services and products, from dodgy investment schemes to suspicious loan offers? This soon-to-be implemented law could put an end to all those pesky calls or text messages.

A statement released by the government today, June 1, said a new law that will make it mandatory for telephone companies to start registering the real names of people buying SIM (subscriber identity module) cards will take effect starting in September this year.

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However, real-name registration for all SIM card users will start only on Mar 1 next year, to give time to telephone companies to set up the registration system. Registration is required for all users of stored-value SIM cards and those with service plans.

Those who use stored-value cards will have until Feb 23, 2023 to register their real names with their service provider while those on monthly service plans need not re-register their personal details with their service provider.


However, they will have to register their names and other personal information if they switch to another telephone company or get a new number.

Mobile phone companies will be given six months to set up the registration system for all their customers using person-to-person calling service starting in September this year.


The statement said the measure seeks to prevent and detect crimes related to the use of pre-paid SIM cards. It comes after a seven-week public consultation that started in January this year showed that over 70% of stakeholders support the registration program.

But after reviewing suggestions and comments by the respondents, the government said it further refined the bill to include a relaxation of the cap on the number of SIM cards that each individual or business users could register.

For individual users, the limit has been increased to 10 cards, instead of the previous three; while registered businesses can register up to 25 cards.

 For details of the Registration Programme, please visit the website:


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