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Govt warns, vaccinated people who get jabbed in HK again face prosecution

20 July 2021

By The SUN 

HK requires all qualified people to get only two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, whatever the brand

The government has warned that getting two Covid vaccine shots in Hong Kong after getting fully vaccinated elsewhere may constitute a criminal offence.

The warning, issued late on Monday, followed reports a 30-year-old man had taken two doses of BioNTech vaccine in Hong Kong despite having received two Moderna jabs in Singapore. The man who works in Hong Kong reportedly wanted to get an electronic vaccination record so he could visit bars.


But the government statement said not only will the man not get the vaccination proof in Hong Kong, he could also be prosecuted.

"The relevant act may involve a misrepresentation and gaining of benefits through deception which constitutes a criminal offence,” said the statement. 

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“The Government will conduct investigation and consider taking appropriate legal actions.  If necessary, we will prosecute the relevant person.  We also do not rule out the possibility of not providing the relevant person with the vaccination record proof of the vaccines received in Hong Kong.”

The statement criticized the man for being dishonest by not telling the person who administered the jabs to him in Hong Kong that he was already fully vaccinated.


“The act of the person concerned not only potentially poses risks to his own health but also at the same time implicates the healthcare worker administering vaccination to him.  Furthermore, it seriously wastes precious vaccine resources,” said the statement.

“The Government condemns such extremely selfish and irresponsible act which disregards the well-being of others.”


The desire to get Hong Kong’s computerized vaccination record and the difficulty of getting their inoculation abroad recognized here are causing not a few people coming from overseas to consider getting Covid-19 shots again here.

Even foreign domestic workers in the Philippines have been sending messages to ask if agreeing to get vaccinated in Hong Kong again could get them in faster, given the ban on passenger flights from the Philippines that continues to be enforced.

Recently, there was also a report that vaccinations carried out in the Philippines and Indonesia will not be recognized in Hong Kong, despite its plan to allow vaccinated people from places designated as “extremely high-risk” to come in.

People anxious to get into HK are afraid their vaccination abroad won't be recognized here

Only the United Kingdom was said to be in the list of countries designated by the World Health Organization as being a “recognized authority” for Covid-19 vaccination.

In the statement, the government appealed to the public to follow its established protocol of providing each qualified individual with two shots of either Sinovac or BioNTech vaccine, the only ones available in Hong Kong. Those who were infected with Covid-19 need only one dose.

For those who had received their first dose of a vaccine outside Hong Kong, they are obliged to inform the healthcare worker responsible for administering the jab about this so it could be noted in their vaccination record.

Those who had completed their vaccination abroad need not get extra doses of the vaccine in Hong Kong.

As the government has no way of knowing if those who apply for vaccination here had previously been inoculated abroad, it devolves upon the person concerned to provide truthful statements about their health and vaccination situation, said the government.

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