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Irate clients of shuttered cargo company to seek Consulate’s help

17 July 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

Tiger & Son's shop in North Point remains closed today

Dozens of distraught customers of cargo company Tiger & Son are set to go to the Consulate on Sunday, Jul 18, to ask for help in making the owners of the company held liable for failing to send their boxes to the Philippines.

Tiger & Son Cargo Transportation Service Limited, which was registered in Hong Kong only on Feb 22 this year, appears to have collapsed on the weight of its operational expenses, resulting in its failure to pay its forwarder and maintain its office in the Philippines.


Its promotional offers, including a buy-one, take-one-for-half price and a rebate of up to $110 for on-site packing; and rental for four shops across Hong Kong, must have cut deeply into its earnings, even as the cargo business continues to flourish despite the pandemic.

As a result, the boxes of goods which they had collected from their clients who are mostly foreign domestic workers, had been held up at the company’s warehouse in Laguna, Philippines, or remain piled up in their shops in Hong Kong.

Call now!

Its irate customers say that when they tried to contact the company’s listed number in the Philippines, they were told to pick up the cargo themselves and pay for the cost of transporting them home as well.

Yung nasa warehouse nila April pa daw na pick-up dito,” said one angry customer who contacted The SUN. (Those in their warehouse there were picked up in Hong Kong as early as April).

Pindutin para sa detalye

Another said a relative who called up the company's Philippine office was told that it had closed down as well, and staff there had yet to be paid their salaries.

A flyer lists all of the company's shops and agents across Hong Kong

"Hindi na po namin alam kung nasaan ang mga box namin, three months na. Sabi nasa Laguna daw. Yung may-ari dito hindi na ma contact. Ring lang nang ring ang cell phone nya, ayaw nang sumagot, said another.  (We don't know anymore where our boxes are. They say they're already in Laguna. The owner can't be contacted here anymore. His phone just keeps on ringing and he doesn't pick up. )


"Ang mga shop nila closed nang lahat. Stressed na kami." (All their shops are closed. We're so stressed).

Boxes that are still in Hong Kong but have been paid for are piled up inside the shuttered shops of Tiger & Company originally located in four districts: North Point, Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan and Hung Hom. Customers who just want them back are also clueless as to how they could pull them out.


Their desperate customers have been staking out the shops, but nobody from the company had been to any of them in the past few days.

Angry customers post notice asking other complainants to meet tomorrow

The company’s Facebook page, which until a few days ago was still in operation, was shut down amid the deluge of complaints and bashings from customers demanding updates on their cargo delivery, or compensation for their losses.

Staff tried to fend off the complaints by posting pictures of newly delivered boxes, and appealed to others who were venting their ire on the social media site to calm down and delete their posts so as to defuse the tension, to no avail.


The customers say Tiger & Company is owned by a certain Glenn Calalang, who handled the Hong Kong operations along with his partner and other family members. The Philippine operation, which is based in Santa Rosa, Laguna, is said to be run by his brother.

Several telephone numbers listed on its Facebook and webpages are not being answered, or have been disconnected. A mobile number listed in the name of  "Chloe" was answered by a woman who said she no longer worked for the company, and gave another number which however, was not picked up. A customer said it was one of those used by Calalang.

As of Friday, the complainants said they had nowhere to go to ask for help in at least getting back their boxes of goods, the contents of which cost far more than the shipment fee collected by them by the company. They were also in grief over the amount of time and effort they had spent packing them.

A number of them have sent desperate messages to “Tulfo in Action” in hopes of getting media influencer Raffy Tulfo to focus on their plight. Others are preparing to go en masse to the Consulate early on Sunday, hoping to get much-needed help.

Staff at the Consulate's assistance to nationals section say they are aware of the fiasco, and of the customers' plan to file formal complaints with them.


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