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Well-loved Filcom leader Arnold Pineda to be laid to rest tomorrow

27 July 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap

Arnold, who wore many hats, was a friendly and fun presence in many community events

For nearly three decades, musician/teacher/writer/publisher/events host/charity fundraiser Arnold Pineda was a visible presence in the Filipino community in Hong Kong.

But that changed on July 5 this year, when Arnold was rushed to hospital late in the afternoon complaining of abdominal pain, and passed just a few hours later due to a ruptured aortic aneurysm. He was just 59.


Tomorrow morning at 11am, his family and close friends will gather in a final goodbye to him at Princess Margaret Hospital, after which he will be cremated. Family members say the number of attendees has been trimmed in line with pandemic restrictions imposed by the government.

But that is not the only event where people in the community whose lives he touched can pay final respects.

The first tribute to Arnold was held last Sunday in Central

The tributes began last Sunday when some Filcom leaders and Arnold’s other friends in the community gathered privately to recall the days when he made their lives just a little brighter by his funny antics, soulful songs and  heartfelt piece of advice.

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On Thursday, some of his musician friends led by Rosalie Carpio are slated to hold another private gathering where Arnold will be remembered in a mix of songs, reminiscences and quite possibly, jokes he himself had passed around.

A separate tribute is being organized on Friday by his estranged wife Norma and the Hong Kong Musicians Union, , for which Arnold often performed with his youngest child, Adrian, during its pre-pandemic annual event, Concert in the Park.


Arnold was a friend to many as he was the one they would go to if they wanted someone who could entertain the crowd in a witty, funny and engaging way. He could sing, he could dance, he could adlib his way through any crowd.

Best of all, he was generous and friendly, and lived to entertain.

Arnold with his children Karla, Kim, Katrina and Adrian

He was also a deeply caring father to his four children, Karla, Kim, Katrina and Adrian, whom he took with him to his public engagements when they were younger, and whose achievements he would often post about on his Facebook page.


Another constant presence was his longtime partner, Mary Ann, who was visible in many of his activities, particularly the regular zumba sessions they organized on Sundays at Pier 10 in Central.

But probably his best legacy to the Filcom was his founding of the Ang Lahing Kayumanggi (shortened to Kayumanggi years later) magazine 27 years ago, when Filipinos were hungry for ways of communicating with each other.

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Through Kayumanggi, Arnold brought out the best in many people, be it through their  beauty, skills or generosity. He also used the magazine as a vehicle for sharing inspiring stories, funny vignettes, and his own words of wisdom.

Arnold and Mary Ann (in white) with the Kayumanggi Zumba Dancers

Long after many other publications in the community had folded, Kayumanggi was one of a few that kept going on, supported by many loyal followers who were as hooked to its contents as to the genuine warmth of the man behind it.

In his later years, after he twice faced death due to a recurring heart problem, Arnold became more spiritual, and often started his day by posting inspirational quotes on Facebook.

On his last birthday on Jun 28, he posted what could only be a fitting goodbye to a life well lived – his own. He said: “Thank you, dear God, for everything.”

Farewell from us, your friends at The SUN, Arnold. Thank you for the friendship.

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